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Week of July 28, 2014

Engaging, Connecting, and Encouraging online students and others


Online Communities Blogs

1. Encouragement for the Online Student by Victoria Mininger

2. Discover Your Campus by Victoria Mininger

3. Bible Study by Ted Whitney

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Meet many online students who are going through similar situations and have similar goals.

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Streaming Events

We stream Convocation and Campus Church events around the clock.  Join the live chat and check out the schedule of events.

Bible-Reading Encouragement

Read the Bible along with our online community, set up a Bible-reading plan and tell us what you read.


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Online Communities Mentions

From US News, "The school also provides Online Communities where students can chat with fellow students and watch live streams of weekly convocation services.”

From Liberty ranked among most influential, engaged colleges on social media, “Liberty also features Online Communities, an interactive website that connects online students to campus.”

Online Communities was mentioned in an article titled "The Top 20 Christian Colleges" compiled by  The writer states, "Students can also benefit from the Online Communities program designed to help online students stay spiritually connected and nourished in the course of their study."  Take a moment to browse around the site and check out the features.  Get connected with your online community at Liberty University.