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Week of October 20, 2014

Engaging, Connecting, and Encouraging online students and others

Live Streaming

The speakers for this week's Convocations are:

  • Oct. 20 - David Nasser
  • Oct. 22 - Leith Anderson
  • Oct. 24 - Jim Kelly
  • Oct. 27 - Alt. Convocation (no live streaming)

Encouragement for the Online Student

Here are some recent comments from Victoria Mininger's blog:

  1. "I needed that encouragement and remembering to keep my mind stayed on Thee."  - Shawn
  2. "When I feel Like quitting I hear the voice of my nine year old saying "Mommy I am proud of you". I also remember my life verse. "You've got this" she says "and God has you!" I am reminded of God's grace and mercy though my nine year old and the fact she faces challenges of her own without a spirit of "I can't." I think this is God's way of showing me I can by watching and listening to her."  - Marie
  3. "This one could not have come at a better time than now for me. The reality is that it is difficult not to give up. The truth that God has my life in His hands keeps me going. Whereas there are moments when I have been on the verge of quitting, I flashback at the reality that stares at me that there is a great level of expectation from my family members, the society and God himself. I take a lot of refuge in running to the LORD and telling Him that I cannot hold it anymore therefore asking for His grace and surely, I am a product of His sufficient grace upon my life. I cannot dissociate my life from God's grace especially when I felt like I could not handle it anymore. Thanks for the timely encouragement. God bless."  - Bett

Online Communities "Coffee & Encouragement"

If you are in or nearby Lynchburg, VA - please join us on Tuesday, October 21 at 7pm for a time of coffee and encouragement.  Please RSVP at the link above.

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