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Online Communities

Welcome to Online Communities
at Liberty University


Ted Whitney Director of Online Communities

Welcome to Online Communities.  Take some time to introduce yourself, browse the links below and to the left and get to know your online community.  God bless. 


  Select any of the links on this page and see how you can be a part of your online community.


Bible Study/Blog   Study with Us

Bookends of Faith

We are starting a series of studies on the Book of Mark and we encourage each of our online students and other readers to grab a Bible or online resource, notebook and pen and let's find the treasure that God has for each of us.  Please comment as you are led and let us encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus.


The Beginning of Jesus' Earthly Ministry

Let's read Mark 1:14-15 with our online community:

"Now after John was put in pr…

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