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Higher One Refund Management General Web Announcement:

As stated in an earlier announcement, Liberty University went through a vetting process to ensure all Liberty University students are afforded the best possible service for managing their refunds.  In this process, Liberty University vetted each participant’s services, fees, regulatory compliance, and convenience for our student population.  As a result of this process, we have selected Higher One, Inc., as our continued refund management partner.

As promised, we wanted to relay further details of the changes that Higher One, Inc. made to the refund program at Liberty University.  Here are some notable changes that will take place as of Fall 2015.

More Refund Choices

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We welcome any feedback that you may wish to provide or any questions that you may have.  We trust that you will be pleased with the many changes that Higher One, Inc. has made to their student refund process.  


Higher One is the Liberty University refund management partner that gives students the capability to select a refund preference in order to receive financial aid refunds released by the university. 

Funds are disbursed by Higher One to the student based on their refund preference

  • Deposit to a Personal Account: Refunds are sent to an existing bank account. Money is available two to three business days from when funds are released by the University.
  • Deposit to a OneAccount: The OneAccount is an FDIC-insured checking account with Higher One. Money is deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by the University.
  • Paper check: Issued to the address on file with Higher One, the check will arrive five to seven business days from when funds are released by the University.
  • No preference selected: A paper check will be issued 21 days after refunds are released by the University.

Questions: contact Card Services

  • email cardservices@liberty.edu
  • call (434) 582-7771
  • in person at 1957 Green Hall during business hours

*If you have an international address, a Higher One Card will not be issued to you. Instead, refunds will be mailed directly from the university.

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Use the EasyHelp function of your OneAccount
1-866-545-8663 (Monday - Friday 8:00 - 8:00 EST)
ACH forms: 1-866-754-6216
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