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Dr. Ronald E. Hawkins
Provost & Chief Academic Officer

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Phone:  (434) 592-4030
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This individual serves as the primary voice on academic matters within the administration and is the second ranking academic official of the University, after the President. In collaboration with the deans, the Faculty Senate, and the General Faculty, the Provost & Chief Academic Officer develops and implements the academic vision and values of the University.

These core values are engaged through the various academic programs offered in multiple delivery formats, as well as through the teaching, research, and service activities of the academic centers. The Provost & Chief Academic Officer provides leadership in continuously improving undergraduate and graduate instruction and academic support services.

This individual bears responsibility for:

  • Budgeting and evaluation for all academic divisions
  • Working with the deans to identify and prioritize resource allocations among academic units
  • Assessing the performance of academic leaders to provide regular feedback to encourage improvement
  • Overseeing a structured process through which faculty can develop professionally within their disciplines, improve as effective academic communicators, and utilize the wide array of technological tools and resources available to enrich the art of teaching
  • Communicating on behalf of the University, serving as the liaison to those external agencies with which the University maintains institutional accreditation
  • Communicating regularly with the President and the various University constituencies on matters of importance 
  • Serving as the liaison of the administration to the Faculty Senate