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Screening of Christian film held at School of Law

April 4, 2008 : Mitzi Bible

Select students, faculty and university leaders were invited to a screening of a new film from the makers of “Facing the Giants” Thursday in Liberty University’s School of Law Supreme Courtroom.

“Fireproof” features lead actor Kirk Cameron and more than 1,000 volunteers from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., where it was filmed.

The love story, mixed with plenty of action/adventure, is about a firefighter (Cameron) and his marriage that is headed for divorce. His days are spent rescuing people, but it is when he is rescued from the fire of sin that controls his life that his marriage starts to mend in a special, divine way.

Liberty University’s own Mat Staver, Dean of the School of Law, and his wife Anita, president of Liberty Counsel, served as extras in one of the hospital scenes.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. attended the screening with his wife Becki.

“I think it will have more impact because the people seem like real people that you see every day,” he said. “I think it’s excellent. I think it will help a lot of people.”

The film is scheduled for release in September at 450 theaters, including 80 metro areas (similar to the release of “Giants”).

Marc Harper, who led the screening at Liberty and is with the marketing arm of the film, said there is a proposal in to Sony to let the film be shown in double that amount of theaters.

There are other ministries teaming with the film to encourage marital enrichment and producers will be releasing a related book.

“From a marriage rescue standpoint, there’s a lot of ministry opportunities for this film,” Harper said. “From a marriage maintenance standpoint, if you’re watching this movie with your spouse, you can’t help but want to work a little harder on your marriage.”

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