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LHBI enrolls 100,000th student

August 15, 2008 : N/A

Liberty Home Bible Institute, the world’s largest correspondence diploma program on the Bible, has announced its 100,000th student.

On Aug. 11, Jeremy Miller of Jefferson, N.C., joined thousands of other students from 50 states and 38 countries who have been enrolled in the 32-year-old certificate program of Liberty University.

LHBI is now part of Willmington School of the Bible, named for its founder and dean, Dr. Harold Willmington. It also includes an on-campus program.

LHBI was originally created to offer a concise and complete overview of the English Bible for people in or pursuing the ministry. Over the years, the program has attracted people of all ages and “from all walks of life, from high school dropouts to Ph.D.’s,” Willmington said. Most are lay people (more than 12,000 are pastors) and thousands are Sunday School teachers and other ministry leaders.

The self-paced program includes 240 45-minute taped lectures. Graduates earn the Graduate of Theology Diploma (Th.G.) and have the option to walk during May commencement at Liberty University. Students also have the money-saving option to transfer a majority of the credit hours to a B.A. or B.S. program at Liberty.

Willmington said graduates have told him they enjoyed the courses because “of the way it was laid out systematically and how it gave you the big picture, from Genesis to Revelation.”

“When they finish the course, they are not experts on the Bible,” he said, “but they are able, for the first time perhaps, to think their way through the entire Scripture.”

Click here for more on Liberty Home Bible Institute. For more on Willmington School of the Bible, click here.

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