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Leadership changes announced

November 12, 2010 : University Advancement staff

Dr. Boyd C. Rist

Dr. Boyd C. Rist has been a mainstay at Liberty University for 37 years, serving as a faculty member (he is a Distinguished Professor of History) and as Chair of the Division of Social Sciences, Associate Dean and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dean of the Faculty, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. In January he will take on a new role as Senior Academic Consultant to the Provost. Dr. Ronald S. Godwin, who has been serving as Acting Provost, will assume the roles as Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Rist said the new position “will enable me to remain closely involved in the academic life of the University, while not having the day-to-day responsibilities associated with the Office of the Provost.”

He reflected on his role as Provost.

“I have an abiding concern and love for the students we teach and whose lives we seek to influence,” he said. “I have embraced the challenge of constantly needing to grow and adapt in an ever-changing internal and external educational environment. I have enjoyed the unending variety of day-to-day challenges, and the long-range planning that is essential to keep our Christian University on a clear course to a future as bright as the Promises of God.”

Rist says he pledges his “full support” to Godwin.

Dr. Ronald S. Godwin

“As one who has walked in these shoes, I know full well the great challenges that lie ahead. Ron and I have known each other for the better part of three decades, and I am confident that this new relationship will benefit from that long association.”

Godwin has served Liberty for more than 17 years, either working directly for its founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., or for the current chancellor, Jerry Falwell, Jr., fulfilling assignments at the University and as a senior administrator of various affiliated organizations.

“Already in my role as Acting Provost I have been comforted and tremendously encouraged by the amazing number of faculty and administrators who have volunteered their support, friendship and prayers for me in my latest role here at Liberty,” Godwin said. “As I have come to know more and more members of our current academic community, I have acquired a far greater appreciation of how gifted the people are whom God has called to serve here on the academic side of this institution. ”

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