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Christian News Network refuses to print Liberty University's response to false report

April 8, 2014 : Liberty University News Service

A recent story published by Christian News Network on its website, ChristianNews.net, did not report the full facts regarding a choreographer who worked as an independent contractor for Alluvion Stage Company, the professional arm of Liberty University’s Department of Theatre Arts.

Christian News Network did not follow proper protocol by contacting Liberty’s public relations department prior to the story being published. When the false report was posted, the university forwarded a statement to Christian News Network clarifying that the choreographer in question is an independent contractor supplied to the university through a third-party association who has never been employed or applied for employment at Liberty or Alluvion. (Read the full statement below).

Liberty's Senior Vice President for Communications Johnnie Moore made repeated requests to Michael Marcavage, publisher and editor of Christian News Network and ChristianNews.net, to post the university's statement and a correction to the story, but they were denied.

"It's sad when an alleged Christian media organization is less ethical than secular media outlets,” said Liberty President Jerry Falwell. “For all I know, this organization might be run out of somebody’s basement. In today's Internet age, unfortunately such organizations can gain credibility by disseminating false information. Any credible media organization would report both sides of any issue.”


Liberty University official statement:

For decades, Liberty University has hired only faculty members who affirm the university’s doctrinal statement.  The choreographer in question is an independent contractor, supplied to the university through a third-party association, who has never been employed at or applied for employment at Liberty or Alluvion. Liberty has never required vendors who provide goods and services to the university to adhere to the university’s doctrinal beliefs.  To the extent Mrs. Linda Cooper was referring to independent contractors when she said the university never inquires about beliefs or personal lives in hiring, she was correct. For example, Liberty has hundreds of construction workers on campus right now and has no idea whether any of them share the same faith. Liberty has no plans to ever deviate from any of its longstanding policies and procedures for hiring.  It will continue to interview prospective faculty and staff regarding their doctrinal beliefs and practices. We understand the contractor in question had a wonderful time visiting Liberty University, and found our Christian university to be a welcoming place despite our different beliefs.

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