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LU Send Now

What is LU Send Now?

LU Send Now is Liberty University's quick response team for urgent disaster relief and humanitarian needs on a global scale. Our goal is to train, equip, and mobilize students to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need after a disaster occurs. LU Send Now seeks to be on the ground as soon as the situation is safe and governmental authorities allow for volunteers to respond.  Teams are deployed to assist with the initial recovery, rehabilitation, and repairing of a community post-disaster. 

Is this program open to online students?

 For logistical and liability reasons, this program is only open to residential students or online students within a 100-mile radius of Liberty University. 

What is the requirement to be accepted into the program?

In order to qualify for the LU Send Now Domestic Team you must:

  • 18 years of age or older in order to participate in response efforts which require travel off Liberty’s campus. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to attend.
  • Be actively enrolled in residential courses at Liberty University.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to be eligible to participate in a response effort. This will be verified in the application process. He or she must be in good standing in all of his/her classes in order to be deployed for a response effort.
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Community Life. This will be verified in the application process, and before a student is deployed for a response effort.
  • Demonstrate a past and present involvement in local church involvement and community outreach.
  • Complete the application in full, and must pass a background check in order to participate.
  • Complete the LU Send Now required training in order to be eligible to participate in a response effort.
  • Must sign an Assumption of Risk form releasing the University from any liability.
  • Must notify parents/emergency contact of participation in the program.

In order to qualify for the LU Send Now International Team you must:

  • Fulfill all the requirements for participation in the Domestic Team
  • Demonstrate previous travel experience outside the US & Canada OR extensive disaster relief experience domestically
  • Complete an in-person interview
  • Acquire a US Passport & other government-issued photo ID
  • Fulfill certain health requirements

In order to qualify for the Head and Heart Team you must:

  • Fulfill all the requirements for participation in the Domestic Hands & Feet Team
  • Complete an in-person interview. 
  • Complete an additional level of required training in “Sharing Hope in Crisis”
  • Have shown and explained healthy steps through any personal trauma.
  • Be in a healthy physical state.

What experience are we looking for in students wanting to join the international team?

While many students have a tendency to view LU Send Now as an opportunity to gain cultural experience, the program is not designed for this purpose. When considering students for a place on the International Team, we specifically look for people who have significant cultural experience prior to joining the program. Though we are reasonable in our expectations of students, it is important to note that international family vacations, cruise ship destinations like the Bahamas, and/or short-term mission trips are often not sufficient to be a part of the international team. All applications for the international team will be considered, but special priority is given to students with extensive cross-cultural experience.

After I am accepted into the program, what are the next steps I need to complete?

Once you have submitted your application and been accepted to the program, there are 2 steps you must take to be eligible for deployment on an LU Send Now trip:

  • You must submit your non-refundable deposit fee of $100. This is a one-time payment that helps fund the mission of LU Send Now. This is the only payment the program will ever require of you. If you are at Liberty on an MK Scholarship, then this fee is waived.
  • You must attend a Send Now required training which we housed online on our homepage.

Upon completion of both of these steps, you will be eligible for deployment on a Send Now trip.

What is the process for deploying a team?

When Send Now decides to respond to an emergency, we will send what is called a "callout email" to all students who have been accepted to the program,  paid their $100 deposit, and completed the required Send Now training. Upon receiving this email, students will indicate their availability to participate in the Send Now trip. From the list of available students, LU Send Now will choose a handful of students that would best benefit the specific trip. If you are chosen as part of the team, Send Now will contact you with all the necessary details and instructions.

Do I get excused absences for classes if I go on a Send Now trip?

Yes. The provost has granted students five days of excused absences per semester if they are chosen to deploy with Send Now. Once you have been chosen for an LU Send Now deployment, you will receive an approved excused absence form that you can give to your professors to be excused from classes for that week. Upon returning, students will have one week to make up course work that was missed. However, Students will be expected to complete all work due the following week. For example, you will still be expected to complete a test on Monday after getting back from a trip on a Saturday or Sunday. Some cases may vary and we recommend you talk to your professors prior to confirming your availability on a callout form.

 Will every student in the program get deployed even if they pay the $100 deposit?

Although it is the desire of Send Now to send out as many students as possible, unfortunately not all students are deployed. Send Now is limited on how many trips can be deployed based on the resources available. We do guarantee all students in the program access to Send Now training.

Do I need to reapply to the program?

No, however, there are a handful of reasons that you might want to update your application:

  • You originally failed to meet the GPA requirements, but you are now eligible
  • You were accepted on the Domestic team, but now want to apply to the International Team
  • You applied to the International Team but did not make it and you want to try again after gaining more experience.

In these situations, you will first need to email lusendnow@liberty.edu and request to update your application. In the email, you must provide the semester you were first accepted or first applied and the reason you are updating your application. If you are approved to update your application, the Send Now team will open your application for editing and will provide you with the instructions on how to access it.

How does LU Send Now handle donations?

LU Send Now accepts all cash, check, and online donations. Send Now ensures all monetary donations will be used to send students to help post-disaster and/or sent directly into the hands of trusted organizations and churches who can quickly and efficiently purchase exactly what people need in exactly the right quantities.

People often ask if we can organize clothing/material drives when a disaster strikes. However, after extensive research, our program has realized that collecting material goods can often hamper disaster relief instead of helping and waste valuable financial resources. Send Now does our best to empower those in need and supports USAID's donation strategy towards disaster relief. Unless suggested otherwise, monetary donations are the best way we can help people in need after a disaster.   You can give any time on our donation portal located on our homepage. In the event that Send Now decides to accept material donations, it will be heavily promoted around the University. 

Where is LU Send Now Located?

LU Send Now is located in Green Hall room 2500.

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