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Domestic Travel

Getting Started with Domestic Student Travel 

Planning educational travel doesn’t have to be a hassle. From day trips or overnight excursions to more extensive domestic travel, LU Send can help you walk through the process of executing effective group travel within the United States.  

Register Your Domestic Trip 

For Short-Term Domestic Trips (1–3 day long trips and in house trips)

Approval Process: 

  1. Read the contents of the Procurement Travel Office’s website and the Travel Policies & Procedures Handbook. Afterward, sign the Travel Policy Acknowledgement Letter.
  2. Register the trip with LU Send using the Trip Approval Form and include a preliminary Trip Roster using the template provided. Each trip must be registered with and approved by LU Send at least two months in advance of the trip itself. This enables us to assist you administratively with your proposed trip, consider risk mitigation, and report accordingly to the Provost, Risk Management, Global Security, et al. Please note that no University-sponsored trips are permitted without LU Send’s approval.
  3. Coordinate the travel logistics of your trip. Please refer to the checklist below for assistance or feel free to contact our department.
  4. Consider the following: 1) if students may miss class time due to the trip, please fill out the Excused Absence Request Form and send the form to LU Send; 2) if any on-campus students will be missing either convocation or curfew, they must provide you with their dorm and room number, so that their Resident Directors may be notified. Students must also notify their professors of any excused absences due to travel in advance. 
  5. Submit the participants’ signed Assumption of Risk Forms along with the final, comprehensive Trip Roster no later than the Thursday before the week of the trip.


After Your Domestic Trip Has Been Approved: 

  • Book transportation through LU Transit, Egencia, or another university approved vendor
  • Make sure you have a P-Card on-hand and ready to use
  • If you are not yet an LU-approved driver, become one and sign the Travel Policy Acknowledgement Letter
  • Plan to have cash on-hand for meals/emergencies
  • Ensure that any accommodations for lodging abide by Procurement’s standards
  • Print a final roster of participants with emergency contacts to take with you during travel
  • Print a map of your intended route and possible alternative routes to have on hand in case of an emergency
  • Check weather conditions leading up to your trip and remain informed


For More Extensive Domestic Trips (needing hands-on support from LU Send)

Step 1 - Attend the LU Send Travel Workshop (Required for faculty/staff who have not worked with LU Send previously.)

2018 LU Send Travel Workshop dates: To be determined

Proposal Process 

Please fill out the LU Send Domestic Student Travel Proposal Form.

Trip Term: summer 2018

Proposal Submission Deadline: July 2018


  • Proposals will be reviewed and approved by a committee of faculty, staff and leadership. 
  • LU Send will communicate the proposal’s approval status to the faculty/staff lead. Approved proposals will be moved into the trip development process.


Development Process  1. The Trip Development Coordinator assigned to your trip will meet with you to assess and finalize the specific logistical needs of your trip. This includes:


  • Trip itinerary
  • Budget & payment plan options
  • Flights & ground transportation
  • Participant training requirements
  • Promotion & recruiting strategies
  • Application personalization
  • Academic options & course registration strategy
  • Miscellaneous needs (passports if needed, insurance, background checks, specific vendor requirements, etc.)

2. At the conclusion of this process you will meet with your Trip Development Coordinator to review the final plan for your trip and to sign the Trip Agreement outlining the responsibilities of all involved parties.

3. After the Trip Agreement has been signed, promotion & recruiting for the trip can begin. Students will also be able to apply for the trip at this point.

Staff is available to consult with faculty in-person at any point in the proposal or development process. Email to connect today!



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