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Group Travel Opportunities

At LU Send, we want students, faculty, and alumni at Liberty to have the opportunity to see the world! Working with both the Office of Spiritual Development and the Office of the Provost, LU Send helps to craft a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students during their time at Liberty. Click below to find out about upcoming opportunities.




Study Abroad Portal

LU Send has partnered with trusted study abroad organizations to offer over 150 locations around the world! There is at least one study abroad location for every field of study at Liberty. Find out how you can live overseas while taking classed toward your degree progam at Liberty. 

International Internship Portal

LU Send has built connections with organizations in business around the world to provide you the perfect internship opportunity! Increase your marketability, gain college credit, and prepare for life after gradution in a global setting!

LU Send Now

LU Send Now is the University’s quick response team for urgent disaster relief and humanitarian needs. If you’re a student and you want to be equipped and ready to respond to needs around the world, whenever the moment comes, we’d love for you to join our team! Apply today!


LU Send Faculty Gateway

Whether you are planning international travel or domestic travel, LU Send works with you to develop the educational, cultural, spiritual, and logistical components of your trip and to ensure exceptional experiences for every Liberty student traveling with the University. Click below to find out how faculty members can create trips for your students.


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