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Commencement 2017 Shuttle Services

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  • Service for Friday May 12:
    • See Friday Service Map
    • See Disability Accommodations for important information.
    • All 3 routes will operate from 8 AM until 1 hour after the end of the Baccalaureate Service.
    • We recommend that you park in the Parking Garage and ride Route 1 to go check in at the LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center.  From there buses will be available to take you back to the Parking Garage or elsewhere on campus.
    • We recommend that you enter the campus from the Wards Rd tunnel entrance if possible.
    • Don't fight traffic - Liberty Dining is opening many on campus dining locations so you won't have to leave the campus.  Click here for service locations and times.
  • Service for Saturday May 13
    • See Saturday Parking & Transportation Information.  Make sure you know which campus entrance to use as road closures prevent us from getting you to another end of the campus.
    • See Disability Accommodations for important information.
    • Golf carts available in most Zone 1 and Zone 2 parking areas to assist those requiring assistance.
    • ADA-capable shuttle service will be available from Zone 3 parking areas including the Indoor Track, and the River Ridge Mall overflow area.
    • Both shuttles will operate from 1 hour prior to gates opening until 1 hour after the end of the last Degree Presentation Ceremony
    • Important return service information will be given out at the bus stops as you board.
    • Many on campus dining locations will be open to keep you from having to leave the campus.  Click here for locations and service times.