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Vending Services

Pepsi Vending Machine Image Canteen Vending Machine

Liberty University contracts with valued partners to supply quality beverage, food, and snack vending products in vending machines conveniently located throughout the LU campuses and off-campus locations.  LU’s vending machines are innovative providing advanced technology and equipment, stocked with most popular refreshments for the campus enjoyment.  Auxiliary Services offer a variety of payment options.  Our state-of-the-art vending machines are equipped to accept cash, coins, Flames cash, and major credit cards.   


Carbonated Beverages

We stock all Liberty University campus beverage machines with refreshing products.


For on-the-go students, night owls or whenever you're in a rush, we stock 24-hour food machines located in DeMoss and Green Hall.

Fruit Juice and Water Beverages

Need a change from carbonated beverages?  Try our juice and water vending machines. We stock a variety of fruit juices and Aquafina water.

Gatorade and Energy Drinks

When you need to replenish the combination of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that athletes lose during rigorous competitions, workouts, or just need a boost of energy, Vending Services has Gatorade and energy drinks stocked in beverage vending machines. 


We carry top-of-the-line snacks and candy products to satisfy your cravings.



Need a refund?  Click here to send a request.  Please send vending comments to the Division of Auxiliary Services.