Event Support & Material Movement

ESMM works alongside University Events and Event Production to facilitate both internal and external events on the University’s campus. The ESMM staff works around the clock to provide excellent service for all of your event set up needs. ESMM is also responsible for all moves across campus both into new buildings and between offices. 

Event Support & Material Movement Staff

  • Keith Coalson
    Assistant Director of Event Support
  • Jerry Brooks
    Manager of Material Movement
  • Joshua Tripp
    Manager of Event Support
  • Angela Altman-Jones
    Administrative Assistant of ESMM


  • ESMM provides movement services to and from University locations including the 12th Street Warehouse. In order to request this service a Work Order must be filled out through the Facilities Management Website and a Movement Manifest Form completed upon ESMM arrival before movement services can commence. The Manifest is so that our University can keep track of inventory and be held accountable for items owned by the University. No items will be taken to our 12th Street location without a Movement Manifest Form properly filled out.



  • Tables (8ft Rectangle & 5.5ft Round)
  • Chairs
  • Podiums
  • Stanchions
  • Risers
  • Pipe & Drape

To request event materials or material movement please contact ESMM via University Events.