University Departmental Events

The University Events Office strives to promote Liberty University's mission as it plans, manages, implements and oversees a variety of events for internal audiences. University Events is the central source for reserving rooms and resources for campus events.  Locations may be reserved for use on a first come first served basis, if they are not being used for academic classes.  

What is Considered a Departmental Event?

Activities direclty related to the life on the Campus Community beyond academics. Activities that fall into this category are exempt from event-related fees, with the exception of  any catering, and or special equipment related cost


  • Intramural Sports
  • Departmental Banquets 
  • Alternative Convocations 
  • Student Clubs Activites
  • Faculty/Staff Development programs & activities 
  • Student Worship Activities 

Official University Events

Activites related to the operation and growth to the University Community. These events are official University events that take precedence when sccheduling other events. 


  • Alumni Events
  • Commencement
  • Convocations 
  • CFAW
  • Parent's Weekend 

Official Student Events

Officially registered student clubs, organizations, programs, activities or services planned by primarily members of Liberty University community. All student activities must have faculty, staff or administrative sponsorship before any activity is scheduled. All groups must be official LU organizations or clubs before a facility will be scheduled. 


  • SGA Meetings
  • LU Club Meetings 
  • Junior/Senior Gala
  • Hall Meetings
  • Student Leadership Activities

University Academic Events 

What is considered an Academic Event?

Activities directly related to the instructional mission of the university, including activities that fall in this category are exempt from related fees with the exception of any catering and/or special equipment related cost. 


  • Study Halls
  • Class Lectures
  • Discussion Meetings 

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