University Events Office

The University Events Office serves as a central point of contact for all groups and individuals searching for logistical planning and an appropriate space to hold an event on campus.

  • We welcome both Liberty-affiliated, and non-Liberty groups, to schedule events in the many diverse and beautiful locations on our campus.

The University Events Office will assist you with:

  1. Finding the most appropriate space on campus.
  2. Logistical planning for your event. 
  3. Making your event experience at Liberty University a positive one.

Become familiar with the resources provided.

  • Whether you are new to event planning at Liberty University, or a seasoned event planner, the information you find above will provide valuable guidance to you as you pursue planning an event with us.
  • Our staff will work directly with you to meet your needs and coordinate with others on the logistical resources needed for your event. 


Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or recommendations for improvement of our services or our web site. Thank you for your support as we strive to provide the best service possible!


Our Mission

The University Events Office serves as the central point of access for anyone seeking information on scheduling an event, logistical planning aspects, and space information regarding available spaces, at Liberty University. The Events Office at Liberty University strives to enhance the clients event experience, while increasing efficiency and information flow among the related event support departments we have to offer.

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