Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior Honors Thesis is the major culminating experience for a graduating Honors Scholar. All Honors students must complete a Senior Honors Thesis.

Liberty uses Digital Commons as a means for Honors students to make their scholarly research and writings available to the global academic community. Honors Theses completed during 2007 or later are available through if submitted by the author. All Honors Theses completed from are available in print at the Honors Program at Liberty University


Understanding the Thesis Process

Students must enroll in and pass HONR 495, which is a required 3-credit class that receives a letter grade. The expectations and goals of the Honors thesis are to produce a product that is a serious piece of scholarly writing in that student's major field of study:

  • the paper length is 25 pages
  • students may choose to write
    • A Traditional Thesis is research-based and chosen by most majors. The traditional thesis options are an extended research paper requiring scholarly sources, or an empirical study (needing IRB approval).
    • A Creative Thesis, such as writing a play or novel, or producing a short film, is usually chosen by students majoring in a Theatre Arts, English, Cinematic Arts, Studio Arts, and Communications.

Thesis Proposal

During an Honors student's junior year, he or she is required to submit a thesis proposal which involves the following:

  • Proposal form (signed by committee and department chair)
  • 3-5 page proposal
  • 20-source bibliography


Outstanding Senior Thesis Award

Each year a plaque is given for the Outstanding Senior Thesis. The 2016 award went to Natalie Rhodes and Connor Schonta. Natalie, an International Relations, Politics, and Policy major, for her thesis entitled, "Slaughter and Slavery: A Treatment on ISIS and Islamic Theology" and Connor Schonta, a History major, for his thesis entitled, "The Tragedy of Deportation, An Analysis of Jewish Survivor Testimony on Holocaust Train Deportations."

The 2017 award has been awarded to Megan Merryman for her thesis "Promoting Physical Activity as a Lifestyle through Use of Behavioral Change Theories."

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