Honors Seminars

Below is a list of the Honors Seminars offered during the semester. Many of these seminars are recurring. For a glance into the structure of a typical Honors Seminar, read a brief Honors Seminar Description.

  APOL 201 Apologetics & Cultural Engagement Dr. Joshua Chatraw  
  BIBL 205 Old Testament Life & Literature   Dr. Harvey Hartman
  BIBL 210 New Testament Life & Literature Dr. Donald Love 
  BIOL 224 General Biology I Dr. Paul Sattler  
  BIOL 224 General Biology I Dr. Timothy Brophy
  BIOL 224L General Biology I Lab  Dr. Paul Sattler
  BUSI 101 Introduction to Business Prof. Scott Ehrhorn
  BUSI 201 Intermediate Business Computer Applications Prof. Catherine Buck  
  CHEM 131 Advanced General Chemistry I Dr. Nancy Richardson 
  CHEM 135 Advanced General Chemistry I Lab Dr. Nancy Richardson 
  CINE 101 Cinematic Arts Appreciation I Dr. Lorene Wales
  COMS 101 Speech Communication Dr. Randall Pruitt
  CJUS 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice Dr. Joel Cox
  ENGR 110 Introduction to Engineer/Problem Solving Prof. James L Long
  ENGR 270 Technical Communication Prof. James L Long
  ENGL 101 Composition & Rhetoric Dr. James Nutter  
  ENGL 102 Composition and Literature Dr. Branson Woodard
  ENGL 102 Composition and Literature   Dr. Carl C Curtis
  ENGL 201 American Literature I Dr. Mark Harris
  ENGL 215 English Literature I Dr. Carl C Curtis 
  ENGL 221 World Literature I Dr. Carl C Curtis  
  EVAN 101 Evangelism & the Christian Life Dr. David A Wheeler
  GOVT 200 Constitutional Govt & Free Enterprise    Dr. Thomas Metallo
  GOVT 220 American Government Dr. Kahlib Fisher
  HIEU 201 History of Western Civ I Prof. Donna Davis Donaldson
  HIUS 221 Survey of American History I Prof. Robert Ritchie
  MATH 201 Introduction  to Probability & Statistics Dr. Timothy Van Voorhis
  MUSC 103 Music Appreciation Dr. James Siddons 
  PHIL 201 Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas Dr. David Beck
  PHIL 201 Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas Dr. Craig Q Hinkson
  PHIL 201 Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas Dr. Michael S. Jones
  PHIL 201 Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas Dr. David Beck
  PSYC 101 General Psychology Prof. Samuel Landa
  PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology Dr. Jichan Kim
  SOCI 200 Introduction to Sociology Dr. Fabio Freyre
  SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II  Dr. David Towles 
  THEA 101 Theatre Appreciation Prof. Christopher Nelson
  THEO 201 Theology Survey I  Dr. John Morrison 
  THEO 202 Theology Survey II Dr. John Morrison