Faculty Research

Determine If Review is Needed

Class Assignments

Typically, class assignments are not considered research. However, in some instances the IRB will want to review the project prior to its expected start date.

Master's Theses and Dissertations

If the thesis or dissertation involves human subjects or secondary (archival) data, the project must be reviewed by the IRB before data collection can begin.

Faculty Research Projects

Faculty research involving human subjects will require IRB review.

Faculty research involving animals may require IACUC review. For more information, visit the IACUC website or contact the IACUC office.

Avoid Pitfalls

Many times, simple modifications to your study design can prevent delays in the application process. Read through the Avoiding Pitfalls page for assistance with preparing a complete application.

Complete & Submit the IRB Application

Complete the IRB application in its entirety, paying careful attention to all listed instructions:

Submit your application along with the necessary supporting documents to the IRB:

Please note: Application review is on a first-come, first-served basis. Feel free to follow-up with the IRB after two weeks to check the status of your application.