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Develop skills in politics and policy while you prepare to engage in today's generation of American statesmanship. Through the Center for Law & Government (CLG) you'll gain an even greater appreciation for our Constitution and for the value of our freedom. 

The CLG, a collaboration between the School of Law and Helms School of Government at Liberty University, is a state and national stage for the free exchange of ideas and the robust debate of issues of national and state importance.

Harnessing broad expertise, the Center promotes public policy that is consistent with the fundamental principles of American freedom: self-government, free enterprise, and the rule of law.

At the CLG

Robert Hurt

Robert Hurt

Former U.S. Congressman Robert Hurt (Virginia’s 5th District) serves and as Director of the new Center for Law & Government. Prior to joining Congress, Hurt was a state senator and delegate, councilman, and attorney.

News on the Center's beginnings

Liberty hosts statewide televised Republican primary debate for U.S. Senate

For an hour on Thursday evening (4/19/18), Liberty University’s campus served as a megaphone for the nation’s hot-button issues as the three candidates running in the Republican primary to challenge incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine for the U.S. Senate debated on live television.

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Debate for U.S. Senate

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