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Christian Education at Liberty University

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Liberty University has been committed to providing a unique, quality Christian education experience since its humble beginnings in 1971. Dr. Jerry Falwell's vision to create a university deeply rooted in Christ, coupled with his strong Christian education values, gave way to a school that has now reached an enrollment that exceeds 100,000 students, both residentially and online.

Residential students experience a life-changing Christian education

While studying residentially at Liberty, students not only enjoy an exciting spiritual life, but they also get to see firsthand the many advantages of being at one of the top colleges in Christian education. The university’s professors teach from Christian education curriculum, and students seeking an accredited Christian education need look no further than Liberty. Resident students draw from the many Christian education resources available to help them in their studies, as well as propel them deeper in their faith. While many university courses stress evolution theory and secular ideas, Liberty provides a Christian education grounded in biblical theology.

Online Christian Education from Liberty University

Students all around the world can get a top quality, nationally accredited, Christian education through Liberty University Online. Week-long intensive courses are available for online students to take at our Lynchburg, Virginia campus.

Students across the world enjoy the benefits of online Christian education

As a top online Christian college, students all around the world can be a part of Liberty, and receive a top quality, nationally accredited Christian education. Liberty University Online (LUO) is consistently ranked among the top 10 online universities by the Online Education Database, and all courses use Christian education curriculum. Liberty University Online makes it possible for students around the globe to receive a Christian education in the setting of their own choosing.  Liberty University Online offers 247 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and offers a much sought-after approach to online Christian education. Liberty University Online consistently produces high retention and graduation rates, making it one of the most valuable Christian education resources available to today’s college students.

Low student to professor ratios positively impact Liberty’s Christian education courses

With so many areas of study to choose from, students can reap the benefits of a highly recognized, nationally accredited Christian education. Whether they choose to earn their Christian education degree residentially or online, all students will be able to take advantage of the low student-to-professor ratio.  For resident undergraduate programs, the student-to-professor ratio is currently 24:1, while the online student-to-professor ratio is 17:1.These types of low ratios make it possible for students to get the attention they need to be successful in their Christian education courses, and ultimately to be successful in their chosen career field. For decades, Liberty has proven to stand stall among other Christian education and online Christian education colleges, providing a unique spiritual end educational experience for all who accept the challenge to become Champions for Christ.