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Conservative voices across America unite at Liberty University, urge Christians to ‘Get Louder’ in defending their faith and freedoms

Mike Huckabee kicked off the Faith Summit on Thursday. (Photo by Brent Tyrrell)

Pastors, political commentators, congressional candidates, professors, authors, and other Christian leaders participated in the “Get Louder Faith Summit: Fighting for the Soul of America” at Liberty University on Thursday, addressing the growing concern of progressive, antithetical ideals squeezing into the Church.

Prominent conservative voices included former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and best-selling author Eric Metaxas.

The event was hosted by the Standing for Freedom Center.

Following a time of worship led by Thomas Road Baptist Church Teaching Pastor Charles Billingsley, Huckabee boldly set the tone for the Summit, calling on all Christians to be affective citizens by representing Christ in the public sphere. He echoed the event’s “Get Louder” theme, exhorting Christians not to be afraid to participate in politics.

“If America were to fall, the Lord Jesus Christ is still the Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel is not dependent upon the United States, but the United States is dependent upon the Gospel of Christ,” Huckabee said. “Without the spiritual foundation of the Christian faith, this country couldn’t exist. At their hearts, our founding fathers believed each person’s value was given by God, not government.”

Other speakers and panelists included Kimberly Klacik, Republican candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, Pastor Rob McCoy of Thousand Oaks, Calif., political commentators David Harris Jr. and Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, and Constitutional Expert Jenna Ellis. Topics ranged from abortion to critical race theory, fundamental liberties, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how to approach these topics from a biblical perspective, and panel topics also included mobilizing the next generation, protecting God-given rights, and reopening the American Mind.

Eric Metaxas moderated a panel. (Photo by Joshua Hanson)

“I’m incredibly thankful for all our amazing guests who contributed today,” said Ryan Helfenbein, executive director of the Standing for Freedom Center. “Now, more than ever, it is critical for Christians to be educated on the cultural threats against our hearts and minds. The principles of what we practice are rooted in the Bible, not culture or subjective feelings. … There are many Christians nationwide who are bowing to the golden calf of political correctness and substituting the Truth of the Gospel for virtue signaling. We must combat the ravenous nature of this politically correct gospel that is marching to the front steps of the Church.”

“This is an incredible time of challenge, and there’s a lot of uncertainty in our nation,” he added. “But this is also the greatest moment of opportunity. We are building a coalition; we are building a movement. This is about bringing voices together.”

The nationally televised event, stretching seven hours, has already reached thousands through social media and America’s Voice Network. The event was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube (View the full event on the Center’s Facebook or YouTube accounts.)

Viewers were encouraged to hold up the purity and authority of the Word of God, and to push back — not cave in — to the Marxist, mob-rule ideals the secular Left constantly throws toward the Church and young Christians.

From left, Malachi O’Brien, David Harris Jr., Charlie Kirk, and Erika Frantzve. (Photo by Joshua Hanson)

“When you bring these biblical ideas into culture, everything changes,” Metaxas said. “ … When someone says, ‘racism is wrong,’ you can explain why it is wrong. … There is no right, wrong, good or evil, or meaning in the universe apart from the Scripture. You never would have had the abolition of the slave trade without William Wilberforce taking his faith into the public sphere. Everybody told him to keep his faith private. … (Likewise), if you don’t live your faith out (in the public sphere), you clearly don’t understand what Jesus did for you.”

Charlie Kirk, who is a familiar speaker on college campuses, spoke about the dangerous direction the younger generation is taking. He also spoke on the Church’s essential role in communicating the Gospel to its congregants.

“Please get involved in the public square; do not be absent from these conversations,” he said. “This is when the body of Christ needs to rise up like never before. We have Truth, and we need to proclaim it.”

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