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The office of Access Control coordinates all on and off campus key and badge control for Liberty University faculty and staff along with maintaining Liberty University's on campus housing access for all resident students. The links to the right will guide you in finding out all information, policies and procedures for Access Control. 

Access Control Status Updates:

April 2014

If you have received an email to get your flames pass updated and have not done it, please go to card services as soon as possible.  Those who have the old card will have their access effected. 

If you are unsure if you need a new card, please give us a call.

Thank You!

-Access Control-






















Hours of Operation

Weekdays: 8am - 5pm

-Closed Wednesday Convocations-


In effort to facilitate access to space and equipment by authorized users and to safeguard the people and physical assets of the Liberty University community, the department of access control has been established. This department sets out specific responsibilities, conditions, and practices which are designed to address critical access needs in a manner which minimizes risks and maximizes the protection of the University's physical assets and private information.


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