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The Grand Narrative

The Grand Narrative

God’s Big Story: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation –

Hope comes when we gain an understanding that our vocation is connected to God’s work. And that hope can motivate us. When we get a clear understanding of our part in God’s story of redemption, it makes us want to invest in training others.


This big picture of what God is doing in the world can be found in Scripture and is referred to as the grand narrative.


Elements of the Grand Narrative

Creation: God created a good world teeming with limitless potential for goodness, truth, and beauty. He created a man and a woman in his own image, placed them in a garden, and gave them a creation mandate to flourish and rule over the earth. It was good … very good.

Fall: Adam and Eve were not satisfied with good, they wanted to know good and evil. So, they partook of the forbidden fruit. Consequently, evil infested the world. God placed a curse on the earth. Sin, suffering, and death resulted.


Redemption: At just the right time, fulfilling covenants and promises given to Israel, God himself, as the Jewish Messiah, King Jesus, entered His creation. He lived among us and took on Himself our sin and suffering. He died for us, defeating death and the curse, and rose victorious over evil.


New Creation: Jesus will return, create a new heaven and new earth, and give us new bodies. He will be with us, and we will rule with him. We will flourish eternally to the glory of God.

What’s the Grand Narrative?

Dr. Mark Allen – Executive Director, Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement

Professor and Student: A Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Impact


Dr. Gary Isaacs: Biology

Dr. Gary Isaacs’ unique journey into the field of biology now helps him connect with students and encourage them in their own career paths.

Maria: M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Like Maria, many students wrestle with how their chosen vocation plays a significant role in the story of God.

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