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How COVID-19 Affects Housing

Liberty University has increased cleaning and will continue to disinfect high traffic and touch areas. These measures are taking place across campus, including in the public spaces of residence halls.

All common areas in residential spaces are being de-densified.  To create more open space, some seating in common spaces have been closed.

All students are encouraged to individually practice safe and healthy habits inside the residence halls. Steps such as frequent hand washing, avoiding touching your face and mouth, wearing a face-covering when closely interacting with others, and practicing social distancing can contribute to a healthy living space.

Face masks are required for all official gatherings of students. Students must wear face masks in elevators on the residence halls, as well as during official hall events and Hall Meetings. Face masks are also required in hall common areas in the Residential Commons. RAs on all areas of campus are required to wear masks for duties involving interaction with students.

Visitors will not be permitted inside the residence halls this semester. Only students living in each individual building will be permitted to enter their hall. While we look forward to reopening the halls to visitors as soon as possible, this limitation currently applies to all visits from other students on campus, off-campus students or other guests, overnight visitors, and the cancellation of Open Dorms.

Rooms at the off-campus Annex I facility have been prepared for isolation and quarantine. All on-campus students who test positive for COVID-19, are presumptive positive, or who are symptomatic after having recently come into direct contact with someone with COVID-19, will quarantine at the Annex I facility. Asymptomatic students who are awaiting test results or who have come into direct contact with someone with COVID-19 will quarantine at an asymptomatic quarantine location.

  • All on-campus students have the option to quarantine at approved off-campus locations (such as the home of a family member or friend of the same gender), should they prefer to do so.
  • Students who become symptomatic of COVID-19 during their quarantine at an asymptomatic quarantine location will be moved to the Annex I facility for the remainder of their quarantine.
  • Roommates of students approved for asymptomatic quarantine in their own room on campus are permitted to remain in the room, or may request a temporary room change at no charge.
  • Through partnership with Transit and Sodexo, meals will be delivered or available for pickup to all students in quarantine at the Annex I and asymptomatic quarantine locations.
  • Wi-Fi is available at all locations for students to maintain academic progress.
  • Students will be monitored medically by the Virginia Department of Health.
  • Residence Life staff will deliver other necessities and maintain communication with each student throughout their quarantine.
  • The following pharmacies deliver prescriptions to Liberty University:
    • Hill City Pharmacy: 1215 Greenview Dr. (434) 237-2221 (2.4 mi) (no delivery fee)
    • Kroger Pharmacy: 7805 Timberlake Rd. (434) 237-5738 (2.4 mi) (delivery fee is $6.99)

CDC advises that individuals returning from an international country or from travel on a cruise ship or river boat should:  Stay home for 14 days after arrival and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (2 meters) from others.

All students who believe they have been in direct contact with someone with COVID-19, who are exhibiting symptoms, or who have received a positive test result should either:

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