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Convocation and Campus Community

How COVID-19 Affects Convocation/Campus Community

Convocation will continue to be offered during the Spring 2021 semester in formats that remain in full compliance with state and CDC guidelines for the health and safety of the student body.

  • In any such format during the Spring 2021 semester, Convocation will be closed to the public, and any university-approved visitors or guests will be appropriately screened to ensure the overall health of the student body.
  • Campus Community will be held in the Vines Center on Wednesday nights, during the Spring 2021 semester. The events will be held at fifty percent (50%) room capacity to accommodate physical distancing and in accordance with state and CDC guidelines.

Additional Office of Spiritual Development events, managed by LU Stages, will comply with all guidelines listed above as they pertain to large gatherings. For all such events, an emphasis will be made on physical distancing, face coverings, and the option of virtual attendance.

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