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LU COVID-19 Update: Sept. 9, 2021

  • All classes will resume in-person instruction beginning Monday, September 13 with a digital instruction component.
    • Labs, flight instruction, and other hands-on courses will remain in person with masks and physical distancing measures encouraged. Should a student be unable to attend those hands-on courses in person, accommodations will be made as much as possible.
    • Faculty will teach from their classroom for lecture-oriented courses when able and use live Microsoft Teams (or other approved delivery) for student’s attending digitally.
      • If students wish to attend in person, they can. If they prefer to attend digitally, this is also acceptable. Special permission is not required during this time.
      • Masks and other physical distancing measures will be encouraged.
      • Faculty will strive to ensure the digital content is equal to the in-person content.
    • Attendance policies will be enforced for in-person and digital attendance.
  • Academic Support Services will continue with virtual and in-person options as appropriate.
  • Students will not need to receive Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) approval in order to participate in academic classes remotely during this time.
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