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Join Us Live!

We provide a bunch of live content to allow Liberty University Online students, and the world abroad, full access to all of the spiritual content afforded to a Liberty University residential student! Check out the full list of live events for the Spring 2017 Semester.

Date & Time Event Speaker Description
01/18/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Shawn Michaels WWE Superstar and Four-Time World Champion
01/18/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizen" Series 
01/20/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Inauguration Prayer Service  
01/23/2017 at 10:30am EST Convocation Jonathan Cain Member of Multi-Platinum Band, Journey
01/25/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Steven Furtick & Elevation Band Pastor of Elevation Church and Dove-Award nominated worship band
01/25/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community Steven Furtick Pastor of Elevation Church
01/27/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Simone Biles AP Female Athlete of the Year, Four-Time Gold Medalist
01/30/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Dr. Ron Hawkins Provost, Liberty University
01/31/17 at 6:30pm EST

LU Serve C4 Equip

John Puig Cultural Intelligence: Effective Engagement Across Cultures
02/01/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Michelle Williams Member of R&B Group Destiny's Child, GRAMMY nominated Artist
02/01/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
02/03/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Star Parker Syndicated Columnist, Author, and Founder of "CURE" Center for Urban Renewal and Education
02/06/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation John Borek & Ed Gillespie President Emeritus of Liberty University; Former RNC Chairman
02/07/17 at  Global Entrepreneurs Live    
02/08/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Ed Newton & Jay Gillan Lead Pastor at Community Bible Church San Antonio; World-Renowned Juggler and Performer
02/08/17 at  Global Education Live    
02/08/17  at 7:30pm EST Campus Community Ed Newton Lead Pastor at Community Bible Church San Antonio
02/09/17 at  Global Talk Live    
02/10/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation  Kate Thornton Director of Hunger and Sustainability Initiatives at the Hunger Solutions Institute
02/13/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve Specialized Training  Mike Taylor Introduction to Postmodernism
02/15/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Dave Barnes Musician, Singer, and GRAMMY nominated Artist
02/15/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
02/16/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve C4 Equip Steven Gillium Missional Living: Every Believer, Every Vocation, Every Community: Making Disciples
02/17/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Todd Starnes Columnist, Fox News Contributor, and Digital Host on
02/20/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Jan Harrison & Kelvin Cochran Speaker and Founder of Stepping Toward Hope and With Open Eyes; Former Administrator of the United States Fire Administration
02/20/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve Specialized Training  Dr. Tony Weedor Introduction to Islam
02/22/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Mike Breen English Church Leader, Author, and Entrepreneur
02/22/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community   Missional Living Conference
02/24/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Jeff and Rachel Lovingood Global Church Leaders
02/27/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Brad Lomenick Former President and Leader of Catalyst Conference
02/28/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve C4 Equip Holly Harrington Contextualization and Spiritual Warfare: A Relevant Message Amidst Spiritual Opposition 
03/01/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Kick'n It for Africa Humanitarian Partnership with Stephen Curry Two-Time MVP and NBA Champion for the Golden State Warriors
03/01/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizen" Series
03/06/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Rebekah Lyons, Ann Voskamp, & Christy Nockels Featured Guests on the "Broken and Free Tour" 
03/08/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
03/20/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Brent Crowe Speaker, Author, and Vice President of Student Leadership University
03/22/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Brock Gill Humorist and Illusionist
03/22/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community Brock Gill Humorist and Illusionist
03/23/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve C4 Equip   Storying: Communicating Christ with Captivating Stories
03/24/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Johnnyswim American Folk, Blues, Soul Pop Music-Duo
03/27/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Lisa Kratz Thomas, Bryce Reeves, & John Adams Speaker, Author, Former Member of Senate Joint Subcommittee of Prisoner Reentry; Former Army Ranger and Narcotics Detective; Former Federal Prosecutor and US Naval Officer
03/31/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Jesse Watters Host of Fox News Show, Watters' World
04/03/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve C4 Equip Jared Brown Ministry on the Margins: Engaging the Orphan, Widow, Poor, and Refugee
04/05/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Skit Guys Improv Comedy Duo
04/05/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community Skit Guys Improv Comedy Duo
04/07/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Chad Veach Lead Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles
04/10/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Jon Gordon Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author
04/12/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Mosaic MSC Worship Team from Mosaic, a church in Los Angeles
04/12/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
04/14/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Good Friday Service with Liberty Worship Collective  
04/18/17 at 6:30pm EST LU Serve C4 Equip   Current Trends of Global Engagement: Understanding Global Movements and Perspectives for Effective Engagement 
04/19/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Nick Floyd Teaching Pastor of Cross Church Fayetteville
04/19/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
04/21/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Serve Lynchburg Kickoff with Bob McDonnell, Mayor Joan Foster & City Leaders  
04/24/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Craig Groeschel Founder and Senior Pastor at Life.Church
04/26/17 at 10:30am EST  Convocation Phiona Mutesi & Robert Katende Chess Prodigy, Coach, and Inspiration for Disney's Queen of Katwe
04/26/17 at 7:30pm EST Campus Community David Nasser "Citizens" Series
04/28/17 at 10:30am EST Convocation Convo on the Lawn with President Falwell  



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