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David Limbaugh shares personal faith story in Convocation

April 26, 2017 : By Tobi Walsh/Liberty University News Service

Political commentator, best-selling author, and lawyer David Limbaugh talked about his journey to accept Christ and how important it is to understand Jesus’ message in the Gospels during Liberty University’s Convocation on Wednesday.

President Jerry Falwell introduced Limbaugh and expressed his interest in the subject of the author’s recent book, “The True Jesus.” Falwell shared how he sought to find truth in Jesus’ teachings, rather than the legalistic standards of men.

“I went right to the red letters where Jesus spoke,” Falwell said. “Jesus really had harsh words for those who pretended to be better Christians or religious folks in those days.”

Limbaugh started off his talk describing how in college he wrestled with his faith in God until he ultimately became a true follower of Christ. While seeking the truth about God’s nature and will, Limbaugh studied philosophy and, eventually, apologetics, reading authors such as C.S. Lewis and Paul Little.

“I discovered through this whole process that the evidence for Christianity is overwhelming,” he said. “We don’t rely on blind faith as the secular erroneously believe we do. It is based off a mountain of evidence.”

David Limbaugh signed copies of his book, 'The True Jesus,' after Convocation.

Limbaugh said various people came into his life before he became saved who shared their faith with him and drew him to Christianity.

“I was approached by many different people and seeds were planted along my path,” Limbaugh said. “As evangelists, don’t be discouraged if there is no apparent evidence that anything has occurred. Remember, it’s not about us, and you never know the impact you can make on someone’s life and the ecumenical effect of many seeds that have been planted in that person’s path.”

Limbaugh said Christianity is more than believing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but accepting the importance of how much God loved us to do that. Whether they were believers or unbelievers, Limbaugh encouraged students to read the Gospels with an open and seeking mindset.

“The ultimate apologetic is the Bible,” he said. “Let us not try to conform Jesus Christ to the culture, but let us reform to Jesus Christ.”

Students in Convocation also heard a fiery message from FOX News television personality Judge Jeanine Pirro. At the end of the event, Limbaugh and Pirro answered questions in a roundtable discussion with Falwell and Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser.

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