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Newsmax Magazine features 'The Rise of Liberty University'

April 10, 2014 : Liberty University News Service

An article published in the April issue of Newsmax Magazine charts Liberty University’s miraculous growth from its founding in 1971 by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell to its current status as the world’s largest Christian university.

“Like the mountains that bear its logo, Liberty University is a substantial presence,” the article states. “It has transformed the landscape of private education with the type of success that few imagined other than the Rev. Falwell.”

The article credits Liberty’s success to its continued commitment to Christian values and the administration’s focus on innovation and growth, both in its residential and online programs.

“Today, the wisdom of doing the right thing despite suspect economics is seen in Liberty’s burgeoning residential campus, which is in the middle of a $500 million building campaign. Liberty’s facilities, neatly ensconced on a campus spanning more than 7,000 acres, would be the envy of most major universities. And with its online student population fast approaching 100,000 students, Liberty unexpectedly finds itself in the vanguard of a high-tech trend that has caught many elite institutions off-guard.”

President Jerry Falwell, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Ron Godwin, and School of Law Dean Mathew Staver are featured in the article.

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