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The Student Activities Office has announced that Michael Tait, a popular Christian singer and LU alumnus, will perform at this year’s Homecoming on Oct. 25. Tait, along with his band by the same name, will do a 15-minute halftime show and a 45-minute concert after the game.
Six temporary suites are currently being installed at Williams Stadium for the upcoming football season. This year, those reserving these comfortable box seats can enjoy up to seven Flames home games. Liberty’s season opener against North Greenville is only weeks away.
Hundreds of Washington Redskins fans turned out at Liberty University’s Williams Stadium Sunday to meet two football legends headed to the NFL Hall of Fame in August.
Eric Brown
Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced Thursday that a women’s equestrian team is in the works.
Tara Maxwell
The book of Genesis tells of an instance when Jacob wrestled with God until daybreak. The end of this physical battle left Jacob with an injured hip and a blessing from the Lord. For the Liberty University wrestling team, each match is physical, and like Jacob, the program is reaping the benefits.
Eric Brown
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