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Ann Alldredge

Dept: Procurement
Title: Procurement Systems Analysts

Ann Alldredge was hired in 2013 and moved through the ranks from administrative assistant to buyer. When the opportunity arose for her to assist with the implementation of a new e-Procurement program for Liberty, she was excited to take on the challenge. She was instrumental in developing many of the processes we use today in the BuyLU system, and she continues to implement enhancements. In mid-2017, Ann became the primary back end support for the Infor Expense Management system. Since that time, she has worked tirelessly to improve the operation of the system. Ann has developed great working relationships across the university and continues to assist end users with their procurement system needs. Congratulations, Ann!

Greg Bennett

Dept: Environmental Health & Safety
Title: Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Director Greg Bennett has been with Liberty University since January 2015. He is responsible for keeping our campus, Liberty family, and visitors safe from environmental hazards. He is also responsible for overseeing Emergency Preparedness. He and his team work diligently to ensure our campus community stays informed and is prepared for any hazard or threat that may arise. He often works closely with LUPD. Greg, congratulations and thank you for a job well done!

Jomer Bunque

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: ADS Process Owner

Jomer Bunque is an integral part of the ADS IS process owner team. He has an amazing work ethic and positive attitude that shows not only how he manages his processes, but also how he treats his customers and teammates. He is such a valuable asset and brings fun and lightheartedness to the work we do. He consistently encourages others in their work, as well as who they are as individuals and all they have to bring to the table. We are so thankful for all Jomer does and brings to the team.

Nicole Floyd

Dept: Registrar
Title: Transfer Evaluator

Nicole Floyd is a very reliable, capable, and hardworking team member. Throughout her years in the department, she has become knowledgeable and versatile with the responsibilities she holds within the team. She is a great problem solver and works well under pressure. We appreciate Nicole so much for everything she does for the team and are very thankful we can rely on her. Congratulations, Nicole!

Julia Fridley

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Professional Standards Admin

Julia Fridley has been with the Liberty University Police Department since April 2016. She began working in the administrative division and has quickly demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities. In the last year, she was promoted to professional standards administrative assistant, where she has developed new and innovative procedures to process applicants. Her drive, dedication, and eye for detail have been an excellent asset as we continue to add to our police and security team. Julia’s work ethic has truly been a benefit to LUPD.

Matthew Houser

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Project Manager

Matthew Houser came to our department from Facilities without a lot of experience in managing construction projects. Over the past year, he has shown tremendous growth in his knowledge of construction and working with the construction workers. He has taken the initiative and shown great self-starting motivation to learn and grow in his role. He was instrumental in getting the new School of Business to completion for the Commencement Ceremony this past May. He has worked his way into becoming an extremely valuable member of the team. Congratulations, Matthew!

Chi Kim

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Transit Driver

Chi Kim was born in South Korea and moved to the U.S. in 1983. She and her husband, Josh, and their three children — two girls and one boy — moved to Lynchburg in 2009. She is a member of the Korean church and often reads her Korean Bible at lunch breaks. Chi says her favorite part of working for Transit is the students. She loves those kids! When asked what advice Chi would give a student on her bus, her response was, “Be happy. Thank God for His blessings. Life’s not easy. Stay strong and know God is always with you.” Her hard work and dedication is appreciated and is evident to all. Thank you, Chi, for investing in the lives of our students. Congratulations!

Richard Moxley

Dept: Financial Planning & Budgeting
Title: Budget Analyst II

Richard Moxley has been with Liberty for six years and a budget analyst in the Financial Planning & Budgeting Office for the last year. He has taken on many projects to help improve our internal processes and procedures, as well as the annual budget planning process. Thank you, Rich, for your dedication, inclination to help others, and positive attitude!

Brett Nethery

Dept: Flames
Title: Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Brett Nethery is a strength and conditioning coach who works with Liberty's Olympic Sports programs. He has received high praise for his work with the baseball program, which recently won the ASUN championship and advanced to the NCAA tournament. We are grateful for his hard work. Congratulations, Brett!

Christopher Roberts

Dept: Access Control
Title: Lead Locksmith

Chris Roberts has been with Liberty since 2006. He started in custodial, then moved to Access Control in December 2012. Chris started with no experience as a locksmith but has become quite knowledgeable in this field of work. He oversees two other locksmith technicians, and together they service the entire university. With the help of our software, Chris is able to keep track of every key that each employee has and also every core in every door. Chris is dependable, honest, and a team player, and he always has a positive attitude. Chris is happily married with three children. Thank you and congratulations, Chris, for a job well done!

Dean Shepherd

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Plumbing Tech

Dean Shepherd has been part of the plumbing department for 13 years. He has a wonderful, positive attitude and is willing to come in during nights, holidays, or weekends to help with emergencies. Dean has been married to JoAnn for 39 years. They have two children: Jonathan — who also works for Liberty — and Sandy. Dean delights in his 6 grandchildren and loves to take the family camping. Dean is a great asset to the Liberty family, and we’re grateful for all his hard work. Congratulations, Dean!

Kristian Stevenson

Dept: Event Production
Title: Assistant Director of Event Production & Logistics

Kristian Stevenson works extremely hard, often working long hours to provide excellent service on behalf of Broadcast Communications and Event Production. He was a key part of making our Commencement production shine. He leads and manages our crew through complicated productions with ease. He seeks to make himself better at every opportunity while looking for situations to train those he manages. Kristian approaches every situation with a great attitude no matter how stressful it may be. Congratulations!

Justin Weaver

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Grounds Tech

Justin Weaver has many great qualities. He is a team player who is willing to do anything asked of him. On the special project crew, he uses a variety of equipment and does well with all of them. In the grounds department, Justin is always outside working with his hands on a variety of tasks, from operating an excavator to finishing concrete. This suits him well since he is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing. He is a native of Southwest Virginia, having grown up in Blacksburg. Justin came to Liberty and completed his bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries. Last year was a big year for him between graduation and getting married. Congratulations, Justin, for a job well done!

Lauren Young

Dept: University Events
Title: Event Coordinator

As an event coordinator, Lauren Young logistically plans Resident Enrollment events such as CFAW, DecideLU, ExperienceLU, and The Graduate School events. Her new task for this year was helping host and plan the Miss Virginia pageant on campus. She has also been helpful with our Weddings at LU effort. She manages blood drives, departmental meetings, all UEO websites, and all UEO social media. While juggling her workload, Lauren consistently displays her ability to work hard, go the extra mile for her customers, think outside of the box, and be there for her teammates. There is never a doubt when you give a task to her — you know she is going to do great with it! We love having Lauren on our team. Great job!

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