Top Employees of February 2018

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Shante Calloway

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Manager

Shante plays a vital role in the Marketing Department. As manager of the Resident Enrollment Marketing team, she exhibits grace under pressure and maintains a positive “can-do” attitude. She offers proactive solutions when hitting roadblocks and is a motivator and encourager to her team. Shante volunteered to take on producing the yearbook, in addition to already successfully balancing managing her team and her own workload. We are so thankful to have her with us!

Maria Cruz

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: FMD Admin Asst. II to Senior VP

Maria is on the front lines of the Facilities Management Division. She handles all of the payroll paperwork and entries, as well as tracking vacations and days off for the entire division. Maria is conscientious in every task she is given, including working on special projects for the senior VP of facilities and assisting Jerry Childress. She has a wonderful work ethic, arrives early, and stays late whenever necessary. Maria is quick to pick up a ringing phone or jump in to help in any way. We love her willingness to help and “can-do” attitude! Maria is married to Mauricio, who also works for Liberty. They have four energetic boys who keep their evenings and weekends full of activities. Thank you, Maria, for all you do!

Tess Curtis

Dept: College of Arts and Sciences
Title: Administrative Assistant

Tess joined the College of Arts and Sciences as an administrative assistant in July 2014. As often happens with dependable employees, her duties have expanded. In addition to her administrative duties, Tess provides faculty support for the growing Deptartment of Modern Languages. She provides a friendly welcome to visitors and students alike, especially during Friendly Fridays and CFAW events. We appreciate Tess’ cheerful attitude and willingness to help wherever there is a need.

Timothy Fowler

Dept: Institutional Effectiveness
Title: Director of Institutional Assessment

Tim has been a valued member of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness team since 2012. He has a passion for assessment and a drive to help people continually improve, something that is evident to all who meet him. He is a servant leader and a great example to all who work with him. From writing technical reports for our regional accreditor to meeting one-on-one with individual faculty members to leading his assessment team, Tim strives for excellence. He also serves in various capacities at his local church, from teaching to leading worship to playing the organ. Tim brings a high degree of energy, commitment, flexibility, and professional conduct to all that he does.

Wes Franklin

Dept: Spiritual Development
Title: LU Shepherd of Student Shepherds

Wes Franklin has been a part of the LU Shepherd Office since June 2016. He oversees the development and discipleship of all Resident Shepherd student leaders on campus. Each week, Wes serves by training these students for effective ministry on their halls and throughout the university. He is a vital part of the LU Shepherd Office, and he exemplifies hustle and humility to his coworkers. Wes displays a continual passion to equip college students to grow in Christ and give like Him. The Office of Spiritual Development would like to recognize and thank Wes for his commitment to excellence and leading with integrity. Congratulations, Wes!

Dave Freyre

Dept: Financial Planning & Budgeting
Title: Budget Analyst II

Dave has been an employee of the University since 2007 and part of the Financial Planning & Budgeting team since 2012. He has a strong desire to serve the university with excellence as well as pursue ways to improve himself professionally. He frequently takes on new projects to enhance his knowledge of systems and processes that can help his customers and other team members. Dave continues to be a leader in our office and is well respected by all those around him. He is a man who constantly seeks God in all he does. We are truly blessed to have Dave Freyre as part of our team!

Cailah Garcia Lopez

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Military Affairs Embedded Representative - Outreach

Cailah Garcia Lopez serves as the Office of Military Affairs outreach coordinator. Cailah is responsible for planning and executing events for our military affiliated students, as well as a variety of other tasks. These events are aimed at engagement with Liberty University’s military students to support them and thank them for their service to this country. Cailah has recently stepped into this role and has quickly proved to be an invaluable member of the office. She has a great work ethic with extraordinary organization skills and handles each task with a servant’s heart and a smile on her face. Cailah brings joy to all she works with, and we are very thankful to have her on our team!

Jeremy Hatfield

Dept: LUO
Title: New Enrollment Specialist

In December 2016, Jeremy and his wife Lucy moved from New Zealand to Lynchburg to be closer to his family. Over the past year, they have happily settled in this beautiful area. Whether it's going down the Blackwater Creek Trail or hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they find themselves enjoying everything Lynchburg has to offer. Jeremy plans to pursue a B.S. in Information Technology in the upcoming fall semester. Jeremy has recently created reporting that has improved the LUO team’s efficiency while maintaining one of the highest utilization averages on the NES floor. Jeremy is an asset to the New Enrollment team, and we greatly appreciate his continued contributions!

Isaac Hicks

Dept: Flames
Title: Director of Sports Nutrition

Isaac Hicks joined the Liberty Athletics Department in April 2017 when he was named the director of Sports Nutrition. In his role, he oversees the Department of Sports Nutrition, which seeks to create awareness for Liberty's student-athletes about diet guidelines for performance, growth, and recovery. Isaac ensures that the department's mission is carried out through individual and team education and creating programs and resources in support of its vision: "Fueling Champions for Christ. Every athlete. Every meal."

Robert John

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Housekeeper

Robert John has been with the Custodial Department for just over a year. He is a faithful, loyal, and conscientious worker who arrives early and stays until the work is done. In addition to working the third shift, Robert is studying business at Liberty. He is from Rehoboth Beach, Del., loves spending time with his longtime girlfriend, Shannon, and in his free time, enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and shooting guns. Robert has a great sense of humor and is always ready to lend a hand. Thank you, Robert, for all of your hard work and dedication to Liberty University. Congratulations!

Jonathan Kirk

Dept: School of Divinity
Title: Director of Operations

Since taking over as the director of operations, Jonathan Kirk has proven to be an invaluable member of the Rawlings School of Divinity team. His hard work and attention to detail have elevated the operational success of our school. As we prepare to move into the new Freedom Tower, Jonathan has gone above and beyond what was asked of him to ensure a successful transition. Thank you for all your hard work, Jonathan!

Beth Koss

Dept: School of Business
Title: Asst. Professor of Accounting

Beth brings an enviable CV full of industry/private industry experience to our team in the School of Business. Since Beth started with us in 2015, she has been a powerhouse, handling a workload and advising schedule far greater than the norm. Her rapport with students and unflappable demeanor make her an integral part of our team in the School of Business. Beth not only handles an intense workload but also is consistently at the front of the line asking, “What’s next?” We are exceptionally blessed to have Beth contributing to our students’ growth on a daily basis. She is eminently deserving of this recognition.

Nataliya Lowe

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Assistant Director of International Admissions

Nataliya has worked in International Admissions for almost four years. Nataliya shines as both a leader and a team player, is very responsible, and embodies restorative spirit. She has worked her way up through International Admissions in her time with us and was recently named an assistant director. Nataliya leads a team of admissions advisors, trains our new advisors, and can be counted on to assist any need with excellence. We are very excited to have Nataliya on our team!

Cameron Monari

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Business Data Analyst I

Cameron has been at Liberty since May 2016 and started working with ADS in 2017. With all the changes and increasing demands over the course of the last year, as well as the need for both flexibility and stability surrounding the university’s auto-dialer, Cameron has shown a great attitude and phenomenal customer service despite the need to often stay late and come in early. Per one of Cameron’s customers in LUO: “I want to let you know that Cameron is making a good impression over here. He is killing it with his communication and OPS, and others have noticed!" Congratulations, Cameron!

Dr. Robert Mott

Dept: School of Communication and Digital Content
Title: Associate Professor, Program Director LUO

Dr. Mott is a new faculty member who has not only distinguished himself in his teaching, but also in his service to the Digital Media and Journalism department and the School of Communication & Digital Content overall. He has voluntarily taken on extra work, assisting us with the startup of our online programs and has helped clear up the backlog in our online hiring processes, spending many hours interviewing candidates for adjunct positions. At the same time, he’s volunteered extensive hours working on the development of our residential courses for delivery online. Thank you, Dr. Mott, and congratulations for all your hard work.

Sara Norman

Dept: Registrar
Title: NCAA Certifying Officer & APR Specialist

Sara Norman has served as the NCAA certifying officer and APR specialist within the Registrar’s Office for over four years. Sara is responsible for the certification of academic standards for all NCAA athletes at Liberty University and reporting academic progress to the association. She goes above and beyond each and every day in all of her tasks and has shown incredible ownership in her work. Sara’s positive attitude and dedication to serving the Liberty community does not go unnoticed. We appreciate all that she does for our team.

John Person

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Security Services Officer

Security Services Officer Person is the embodiment of the service that LUPD endeavors to exemplify. Recently, he noticed a young child unaccompanied in a parking lot. SSO Person found that the child had become separated from his guardian and had run outside. Because SSO Person took action, the child was returned to the guardian without incident. Further, while in the Center for Natural Sciences, SSO Person noticed water dripping from a sprinkler head. As soon as the leak was discovered, it increased from a drip to a steady stream. SSO Person took action immediately and averted an incident that could have been very costly in water damage. Thank you for all of your hard work, SSO Person. You help make the university a safer place.

Chris Roder

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Network Engineer IV

For years, Chris has played a significant role in the development efforts for Network Operations. He has maintained a positive attitude and consistently rises to challenges that the department faces. Chris' efforts are a crucial part of maintaining and enhancing interfaces for Liberty’s online call center agents as well as others around the university. Recently Chris took on the role of senior developer on the Network Operations development team. He has embraced the new opportunity as a way to both make a greater difference in products such as Upstream Works and Finesse and to invest in his coworkers. Chris continues to increase his wealth of technical and institutional knowledge which he uses to teach, encourage, and assist others.

Bill Smith

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Cubicle Technician

Bill has been with Liberty for almost 18 years. He has a very pleasant attitude and a kind word for everyone he sees. Bill is organized and prepared when he goes to the job site. He is always willing to help train others on the job if needed and puts others before himself, consistently setting a Christlike example. His positive, “can-do” perspective really helps his team on the job site. His supervisor says that he can count on Bill to always be wherever he needs to be. Bill loves the outdoors, gardening, hunting, and anything related to nature. The Liberty family is blessed to have him — congratulations, Bill!

Bethany Williams

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Assistant Director

Bethany Williams is a graduate of Liberty University and is currently serving her alma mater as the assistant director in the Health & Wellness Department. Bethany was a 2012 graduate in the field of kinesiology while serving as a resident assistant and earned a Master of Public Health in 2016. In her current position, Bethany is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable asset to the Student Affairs division. Bethany desires to empower every student to create healthier behaviors.

Chris Williamson

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Fulfillment Clerk

In a very short amount of time, Chris Williamson has proven himself to be an invaluable resource to Fulfillment and a true jack-of-all-trades. He has excelled in an environment that demands flexibility, and he can be counted on to succeed at any task. If you work in a recruitment-related department, you have likely seen Chris’ work. He assists in maintaining the inventories for all of the major recruitment departments, packages intercampus orders, ships materials for recruitment festivals, and can often be seen riding to and from campus in a fully-loaded box truck. Additionally, he is able to fill in for many aspects of Fulfillment’s print and mail services. Thank you for everything you do, Chris!