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Top Employees of July 2015

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Cory Anderson

Dept: Academics
Title: CTE Educational Technologist

Cory Anderson brings a dynamic element to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) that has enhanced our faculty professional development services. He oversees video filming and editing of live professional development events, as well as creative video projects. Handling Blackboard (Bb) support for residential faculty, he is always on the lookout for tools and technologies that will improve classroom instruction and student learning. Cory possesses a contagious smile, positive attitude, and servant’s heart. He is excited to be in a Christ-centered workplace and is pursuing a master’s in Education Technology and Online Instruction. Cory is a dedicated husband and father of three. We are blessed to have Cory as an integral part of the team!

Edwina Berryman

Dept: Academics
Title: Coordinator of LUO Office of Disability Academic Support

Edwina Berryman has been the coordinator for the Liberty University Online Office of Disability Academic Support for five years. She is an efficient, capable, and compassionate employee, acting as a liaison between students with disabilities and their professors to arrange academic accommodations. Through her knowledge and professionalism, she helps students with disabilities achieve success, while still maintaining the academic integrity of the university. Exhibiting patience and graceful composure, Edwina is an example for everyone at the university.

Bryant Bowles

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Media Systems Tech I

Bryant Bowles is a senior technician in the Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Media Solutions Department. We cannot say enough about Bryant’s dedication. He has severe kidney disease which has resulted in various painful transplants and immunity issues. During his current course of treatment, he has endured difficult chemotherapy but has worked evenings and weekends in order to keep up with the demands of his position. His persistence in completing assignments despite immense personal challenges is amazing and inspiring. His positive attitude and devotion to duty are a testament to his commitment to Christ and to the mission of Liberty University.

Ken Brunson

Dept: Academics
Title: Associate Professor

Dr. Ken Brunson serves as an associate professor in the School of Business. He teaches marketing courses and is the faculty sponsor for the Association of Marketing Professionals student organization. Over the past year, student participation in this club has more than doubled under his mentorship. His recent leadership in supporting a major airline industry presentation highlighted his keen research and presentation skills. He received accolades from senior leadership in local airline firms, as well as from multiple small business owners present for the annual event. He is often sought after by a local business magazine to provide ongoing input on marketing tips and success for small businesses. We are grateful to have him on the team.

Nancy Childress

Dept: Human Resources
Title: File Clerk

Nancy Childress has worked in Human Resources (HR) about two years but previously served as the HR file clerk for six years. She is a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church, and her husband also works for Liberty University. We are thankful to have Nancy on our team. Nancy enjoys walking and spending time at the beach.

Maria Cruz

Dept: Field Operations
Title: Office Assistant to VP Field Operations

No matter what job she's doing, Maria Cruz’s hard work and positive attitude are a benefit to the Field Operations Division. Maria is a tremendous asset to our office. She has a variety of responsibilities, ranging from hiring summer workers for all trades, doing maintenance time each week, and answering the Field Operations phone to helping students and staff with issues. Her diligence, helpfulness, and attention to detail are greatly appreciated by her colleagues. Her work has made her an invaluable addition to our department and to Liberty University.

Jake Durfee

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst III

Jake Durfee has been a staple of the Finance Team of Analytics and Decision Support for over three years. He has always been dependable and diligent, but over the past year he has consistently stepped into new challenges and each time has risen to the occasion. He served as team leader on a large financial system implementation, and managed an increasing workload with competing priorities. He has met all of these responsibilities with professionalism, patience, and a helpful attitude. Speaking on behalf of his customers and his team, Jake is an appreciated member of our office and his hard work does not go unnoticed.

Lorel Garcia

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Senior Admissions Counselor

Lorel Garcia is a senior admissions counselor on the admissions team within Resident Enrollment. With her experience and role, Lorel is a team-player who is always willing to assist with questions from her peers. She manages the processing of our resident scholarships which is vital to our recruitment of new, undergraduate resident students. In addition, Lorel has conducted around 200 presentations for various groups regarding Liberty and the admissions requirements for prospective students. Lorel always presents information in a timely and professional manner, and performs her job with a smile, enthusiasm, and a true love for Liberty!

Mike Musgrave

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Video Editor/Production Assistant

Mike Musgrave is an integral part of the Marketing video team. His dedication to the university and the department is evident in the work he creates and the positive attitude he demonstrates. He has taken the lead on several initiatives, including documenting all of Liberty's campus construction projects from start to finish and most recently is spear-heading the campus-wide 360 project. We are thankful for his leadership and value the contributions he makes to Liberty!

Joshua Parsons

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Process Improvement Analyst

Joshua Parsons has been with the Finance Division for more than two years and was recently promoted as a process improvement analyst for the new Finance Infrastructure Department. In the short time Josh has been with Finance Infrastructure he has demonstrated an ability to go the extra mile and meet the needs of the department and the university. Josh is always willing to answer a question or address a problem, even if it means he has to learn a new process or take on a new responsibility. We are very thankful to have Josh on our team!