Center for Entrepreneurship

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." -John C. Maxwell

Inside the Center

Linking students to business mentors, The Center for Entrepreneurship is holistically focused to provided a structured support in three distinct ways:The Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Business is a Liberty University initiative focused on developing students to gain a mindset in leadership and innovation through entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial endeavors on behalf of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The main purpose of the Center for Entrepreneurship is to help and support students in establishing their own businesses (entrepreneurial), or in establishing a sense of ownership for assigned responsibilities within an established organization (intrapreneurship) while they are still pursuing academic degrees.  Students will practice concepts learned in the academic program through projects and internships working with for-profit (traditional entrepreneurism) and/or not-for-profit (social entrepreneurism) organizations.

  1. Academic:  Students will enroll in BUSI 435, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and earn credit as they develop their business plan. The course content will cover all stages of preparing a comprehensive business plan, including: Industry & Competitor Analysis; Consumer Research; Defining Effective Business Models; Preparing an Ethical & Legal Foundation; Feasibility Analysis; Getting Financing & Funding, among others.
  2. Mentoring:  During the 16-week residential course, as students work on the development of their project, they will receive support and guidance from faculty and staff.  We are focused on providing an on-going relationship which challenges students to succeed.
  3. Seed Capital: A major need for all start up companies is capital.  Each year, the Center for Entrepreneurship will work to bring private equity investors (Angels) to campus.  Students with promising business plans will have an opportunity to present their projects to this group.


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