Center for Creation Studies

Dr. David DeWitt of the Center for Creation Studies

Liberty University's Center for Creation Studies is a dynamic, teaching-based academic center. Our purpose is to research, promote, and communicate a robust young-Earth creationist view of Earth history. Beginning with sound Biblical interpretation, we seek to understand how science can inform us about God's magnificent creation.

The Center's activities are wide-ranging, both within and without the campus of Liberty University. In addition to our two courses (CRST 290 and CRST 390) which serve LU students, we regularly sponsor prominent speakers representing young-Earth creationism and Intelligent Design to the LU community, provide in-service lectures to LU faculty, and produce informative museum displays on young-earth creation. Our faculty are also regularly requested for speaking engagements both locally and far beyond, with invites from schools, organizations, and churches from California to Canada.


The purpose of the Center for Creation Studies is to promote the development of a consistent biblical view of origins in our students. The center seeks to equip students to defend their faith in the creation account in Genesis using science, reason and the Scriptures.


History of Life: CRST 290
The primary educational activity of the Center for Creation Studies is the presentation of CRST 290, History of Life. This course is required of all Liberty students and is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the creation-evolution controversy. This study draws upon knowledge from religion, science, philosophy and history.

Origins: CRST 390
A more in-depth, discussion-based class, CRST 390, is also available for students with a science background or strong interest in the study of origins. CRST 390 is an in-depth study of the biblical and scientific views of the origin of the universe, life and man. Evidence and arguments for creation and evolution will be discussed.

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