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B.A. in Theology & Apologetics: Biblical Scholarship

Residential Degree in Theology & Apologetics: Biblical Scholarship

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Apologetics: Biblical Scholarship degree is an introduction to Christian thought and biblical exegesis. You’ll focus on three distinct disciplines: theology, apologetics, and biblical studies.

Study God’s Word in-depth. Get the basics of biblical Greek and Hebrew. With this degree, you’ll learn how to translate the Bible from the original languages.

Learn how to analyze and critically engage with Scripture. At Liberty, you’ll get the skills you need to defend your faith in an increasingly secular society.

Academics: Biblical Scholarship Cognate

Credit Hours

120 total credit hours

Program of Study (DCP)

B.A. in Theology & Apologetics: Biblical Scholarship

Admission Requirements

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Featured Biblical Scholarship Courses

  • Greek Grammar I & II (GREK 201-202)
  • Hebrew Grammar I & II (HBRW 201-202)
  • Greek Exegesis (GREK 401)
  • New Testament Theology (BIBL 460)
  • Old Testament Theology (BIBL 461)

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Career Opportunities in Biblical Scholarship

  • Archaeologist
  • Author
  • Bible Translator
  • Christian Educator
  • Church Administrator
  • Apologetic Ministry