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Graduation Details

Graduation Details

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In order to participate in Commencement, LUCOM student-doctors need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Graduation Requirements
  2. Complete Degree Completion Application

Dress Code

In addition to the graduation gown, business dress will be required for all LUCOM graduates (men, no need for a blazer). Military uniforms are an acceptable alternative to the Commencement regalia.


Herff Jones is the official vendor for all Liberty University graduates. Regalia will be available for distribution to LUCOM students during graduation week in the Liberty University Barnes and Noble bookstore. The regalia must be returned to the Liberty University Barnes and Noble bookstore after the hooding ceremony on Saturday, May 9. You will be able to keep your tassel as a memento.


LUCOM will host a few required and non-required events for Liberty University osteopathic medical students. View the LUCOM schedule.

For Liberty University, visit Liberty.edu/Commencement for more details.


Your degree will be conferred no later than four weeks after the final degree requirement has been met and payment in full of a student’s account balance has been received. Degrees are not awarded solely upon the completion of any prescribed number of courses, credits, or upon passing a prescribed number of examinations. Granting of the degree requires in addition, that the LUCOM faculty (SPC) believes a student has attained sufficient maturity of thought, ethics, and professional proficiency to serve the public as an osteopathic physician.

Diplomas will be mailed to the address provided on a student’s Degree Completion Application. Questions regarding diplomas or to change a mailing address, email the LUCOM Registrar’s Office at LUCOMRegistrar@liberty.edu.

If proof of graduation is required before the diploma is received, submit an official transcript or a letter of verification request.


The following text is consistent with the LUCOM Student Handbook and LUCOM Catalog regarding the policy for excused absences during Graduation Week. Catalog policy 5.8 lists graduation requirements, including, “Has attended the compulsory portions of orientation and senior week, including graduation rehearsal and the graduation ceremony…” In addition to graduation rehearsal and the graduation ceremony, other events will be scheduled throughout the week to provide students with opportunities to reconnect with classmates, to celebrate the inaugural class, to learn from faculty what to expect in residency, and to complete administrative obligations and exit-counseling.

The Graduation Committee has reviewed and discussed what will be considered an excused absence and has the following information to provide:

  • Excused absences will only be granted in cases of hospitalization (of a student or a family member), life/death events, or court (subpoenaed) appointments.
  • Failure to attend required events will be considered failure to meet graduation requirements and the degree may not be conferred.

A comprehensive list of required events and activities will be provided soon. Students are asked to monitor their Liberty email account. Questions should be submitted via email to LUCOMRegistrar@liberty.edu.

Graduation Weekend


Friday, May 6
6:30 p.m.
Williams Stadium, Liberty University
1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, Va. 24515

Learn more about Commencement.

College of Osteopathic Medicine Hooding Ceremony

Thursday, May 5
6 p.m.
Thomas Road Baptist Church
1 Mountain View Rd, Lynchburg, Va. 24502


Submit all Graduation questions to LUCOMRegistrar@liberty.edu.

Additional information is available on Liberty University’s Commencement webpage.

Disability Accommodations

Should you or a guest require disability accommodations for the events of Graduation Week, refer to Disability Accommodations.