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Residency Applications

ERAS Guidelines: Medical School Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, and MSPE

The Office of the Registrar at LUCOM is responsible for uploading all transcripts and Medical School Performance Evaluations, or MSPEs, for residency applicants. Prior to upload, a TranscriptMSPE Request form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar at LUCOM.

Students are encouraged to submit requests by no later than Sept. 1.

It is not necessary to assign the transcript or MSPE in the MyERAS application. These two documents will be sent to all the programs to which an applicant applied. The MSPE is considered an automatic part of your application, like the transcript; a student-doctor should NOT list the MSPE as a letter of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) will be uploaded directly by faculty, administrative staff, and advisors (LoR authors) into ERAS to ensure authenticity.

For further information on LoR uploads, please visit the AAMC’s FAQ page.

For additional questions or concerns, please email LUCOMRegistrar@liberty.edu.