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In order to participate in 2018 Commencement, a student-doctor will need to follow these steps:

  1. Verify fulfilled Graduation Requirements
  2. Complete a Graduation Application


A student-doctor who has fulfilled all the academic requirements may be granted the degree Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) provided the student-doctor:

  1. Has satisfactorily completed all of the curriculum and rotations requirements at an AOA-accredited College of osteopathic medicine including at a minimum the last two years of their education at LUCOM.
  2. Has completed all academic requirements in no more than six years from the date of matriculation.
  3. Has complied with all the curricular, legal, and financial requirements of the University.
  4. Has passed COMLEX Level I and both components of COMLEX Level 2 (CE and PE) of the examination administered by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners.
  5. Has reached at least 21 years of age.
  6. Has demonstrated the ethical, personal, and professional qualities deemed necessary by the faculty for the practice of osteopathic medicine.
  7. Has demonstrated suitability for the practice of osteopathic medicine to the administration and faculty as evidenced by their conduct, ethical and professional behavior, displaying responsibility for patient care, and exhibiting integrity in the conduct of clinical and academic activities.
  8. Has demonstrated compliance with the Code of Behavioral Conduct.

Degrees are not awarded solely upon the completion of any prescribed number of courses, credits, or upon passing a prescribed number of examinations. The degree also requires that the faculty believes the student-doctor has attained sufficient maturity of thought, as well as ethical and professional proficiency to serve the public as an osteopathic physician. Matriculation and enrollment do not guarantee the issuance of a degree without satisfactorily meeting the aforementioned curriculum and degree requirements. 


  1. A notification will be sent to the student’s email account from the Office of the Registrar with instructions about the Graduation Application (Grad App).
  2. The Graduation Application must be completed before a degree will be conferred. This application will provide important information for the preparation of the student’s diploma and will guarantee the appearance of the student’s name in the Commencement Program if submitted by March 22, 2018. Applications received after the deadline will still be accepted, but there is no guarantee that the student’s name will appear in the program.
  3. Be aware of the “I UNDERSTAND THAT” section on the Graduation Application. For questions, contact the LUCOM Registrar’s Office via email:
  4. The $950 Graduation fee is attributed to the student’s account as a part of the tuition and fees in the final Spring semester prior to graduation.


Honors for graduation will be determined by the cumulative average earned at LUCOM.

Student-doctors with a cumulative average in the upper three percent of their class will receive a diploma inscribed with "highest honors."

Student-doctors in the next seven percent of their class will receive a diploma inscribed with "honors." These students will be recognized at the graduation banquet with the presentation of, and during graduation by the wearing of, special honors cords.

A complete list of Senior Awards is listed in the Student Handbook.


Student-Doctors must participate in all activities of graduation week and participate in the graduation program of the University and the COM as a condition of receipt of a diploma.

Students who can anticipate they will complete all requirements for graduation by December 31, 2018, will be allowed to participate in graduation with their class but will not receive a diploma until all requirements are fulfilled.