Online Schooling System Requirements

Recommended Minimum System Requirements



  • 1.6 GHZ or Higher Processor
  • 2 GB of Memory
  • 150 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • 800 x 600 or Higher Resolution Monitor, 16 bit color
  • Desktop or laptop - at this time we can not guarantee user experience with a netbook, Chromebook or mobile device, including a tablet. 
  • Webcam with Microphone 
  • Printer Required for Grades K - 8, Recommended for 9-12
  • Scanner Required for Grades K - 8, Recommended for 9-12


Please note that these are the technical requirements for all courses, some specific courses may have additional materials required such as books or science supplies. Please be sure to review the Course Materials list for your child's courses. 


Also, be aware that Net Nanny, a filtering software that is recommended for parental controls for internet safety, incorrectly targets part of our curriculum and is not recommended for use. In general, hardware solutions such as filtering routers are better with LUOA content than software solutions for filtering purposes.