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A Carefully Designed Curriculum with Our Students in Mind

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Who We Are

Liberty University Online Academy has been partnering with families since 2007 to provide the flexibility of online education with the academic standards of an accredited private school. Our academic advisors and state-licensed/ACSI-certified teachers provide your family with the assistance needed to thrive in K-12 education.

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Support Team

All the Help Your Student Needs to Succeed

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    Assigned Teachers

    Our courses are led by 300+ experienced teachers who are licensed in their state, certified by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), or hold an advanced degree in their subject area. They assess student work and provide the option to request online conferences in order to receive extra support in a given class.

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    Subject Experts

    Call or chat to speak with subject experts who are available during school hours to answer the questions you may have about assignments and homework. Our subject experts are on-call certified teachers who can help provide the support your student needs to be successful.

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    Our team of advisors helps keep our students on track, offering support in creating and arranging schedules, answering questions about recordkeeping and transcripts, and coming alongside students as they plan for their future.

Core Courses

What Our Students Learn

At Liberty University Online Academy, your student’s education is our main goal. And we know that one of the most important things you care about is what your student will learn in their classes. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to all the resources and materials you need to give your student a quality education and prepare them for the future.

LUOA Courses & Curriculum

  • K-12 core curriculum: English, History, Math, and Science
  • Bible courses in each grade to strengthen our students’ faith
  • Electives such as Spanish, guitar, computer programming, and more
  • Earning College Credit

    Get a head start on your future by taking college courses while still in high school.

    Liberty University Online Academy, in partnership with Liberty University Online, offers a program specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school. We call this program Dual Enrollment.

  • NCAA-Approved Courses

    Is your student active in sports? Student-athletes who wish to compete in NCAA sports at the college level must fulfill certain academic requirements in high school.

    LUOA has ensured that our Enhanced Courses and Dual Enrollment courses meet the requirements to be approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for Division I athletic program participation.

LUOA Academic Standards

“The main reason why we continue with LUOA is the richness of the material.”

Patrick and Crystal McAnaw
LUOA Parents

How Our Courses Work

As a parent, you want to know how your student’s online curriculum works, what it requires of you, and how it will benefit your student. Our curriculum is designed with flexibility in mind. 

  • No Set Login Times

    There aren’t any set login times. Our students can access their coursework at a time that works best for them.

  • 24/7 Access

    Our students have 24/7 access to complete their coursework at a time that fits their family’s schedule.

  • 41-Week Courses

    Standard courses run the length of an academic year, which is 41 weeks.

Course Format

With the exception of some school supplies and offline activities, the vast majority of our K-12 curricula and resources are available 100% online. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, your student can complete their coursework from anywhere in the world!

Our online curriculum is text-based and filled with multimedia elements to keep students engaged with the material they are learning.

Virtual Flashcards

Educational Games

Interactive Maps

Informative Videos

All of these features were created with the goal of helping our students retain information while enjoying the learning process! There are many reasons why you may choose online schooling – but no matter what your circumstances are, we seek to provide the resources, support, and quality that you need to ensure your student thrives in school.

Parent’s Role

What Role Do I Play in My Student’s Education at LUOA?

LUOA’s unique blend of curriculum and teacher support allows you, the parent, to take an active role in your student’s education – but not all alone. As the parent of an LUOA student, you have the important responsibility to help motivate your student, keep them on track with assignment due dates, and regularly check their progress throughout their courses.

Your involvement in your student’s education may look different as they reach higher grade levels. A 1st grader, for instance, will require more assistance than a 12th grader. Here are some examples of what your role as an LUOA parent may look like at different levels:

Chart showing the inerse relationship of parent involvement and student Independence

At the lower elementary level, you will be actively involved in most aspects of your student’s education – from helping them read and learn new concepts to submitting their coursework for grading. Once your student reaches upper elementary school, they will typically start to gain more independence and be able to navigate course content on their own – though your involvement in their daily studies will still be important, and they will need your guidance in understanding assignment requirements, learning fundamental technology skills, and submitting assignments online.

Students in middle school will likely gain increased independence in understanding the course content and assignment requirements – but it will still be important for you to check on their progress daily and eventually weekly as they continue to improve. Students typically can submit many of their assignments independently, though they may need some help with grasping the technology skills needed to complete and submit their coursework. Overall, middle school is a time for students to gradually become more self-sufficient in their day-to-day work while still receiving guidance and accountability from you.

At the high school level, students are mostly independent and can navigate through the majority of their schoolwork on their own. Typically, you will not need to monitor your student continually throughout the day – meaning your level of involvement will decrease significantly compared to previous grade levels. It will still be vital that you check on your student’s course progress at least once a week, so you can ensure they are submitting their assignments and understanding the material – as well as maintaining honesty and integrity in all of their coursework. If you’d like your high schooler to receive a greater level of accountability in their classes, check out our Enhanced Course options. These courses include live class sessions, stricter assignment deadlines, proctored exams, and more – helping your student stay on track to completion.

What to Expect

What can you expect from a partnership with Liberty University Online Academy? For starters, you’ll receive the support your family needs for each step of the journey.

Streamlined Admission Process

This starts with a streamlined admission process designed to answer your questions and get you started on the right foot. We have simplified the process to help you get on with what’s important: your student’s education.

Year-to-Year Help

Once your student has started his or her courses, our teachers are available to help you and your student when questions arise. Each academic year, our advisors are available to help your family with selecting courses and staying on track to graduation.

Resources Beyond Graduation

We have all that is needed to help prepare your student for graduation, including a live ceremony on Liberty’s campus. We also offer tools and resources that prepare our students for a future in the workforce or in deciding where to attend college.

LUOA Student getting ready to enrol on her laptop

5-Step Enrollment Process

Enrollment is a simple 5-step process. We will be there for you to help guide you through the process! You will then be provided with the information and access your student needs to begin his or her coursework.

Admission Process
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