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New Online Academy – Financial Check-in

The new Financial Check-in application designed to improve the LUOA FCI experience is live! Financial Check-in for Online Academy and dual enrolled students can be completed by the student’s Primary Contact. The Primary Contact can login using their own Liberty account, and complete Financial Check-in. For the steps to complete FCI, please see the “How to Complete Financial Check-in” section below.


Key changes you can expect to see in the new Online Academy Financial Check-in App:

  1. If you are the person that will be completing FCI for your student(s), you must be the Primary Contact to access and complete FCI in the new app.
  2. You will login with your own Liberty University account, using your own username and password, not your student’s. With one login, you will be able to review and complete FCI for each of your students.
  3. The first time you visit the new LUOA Financial Check-in Application you will be prompted to complete, or re-complete, FCI for your students as part of the migration to this new platform.

How to Complete Financial Check-In

Welcome to Liberty University Online Academy! If you have claimed your account through Liberty University, and if your students have been registered for classes, you are now ready to complete Financial Check-In (FCI). Please follow the steps listed below.


If you are receiving error messages and would like assistance, please call the IT HelpDesk at 866-447-2869. We recommend using Chrome to complete Financial Check-In. 


Before You Begin

Before you complete Financial Check-In, be sure to note two important things:


  1. Ensure you are the Primary Contact for your student(s)

Only one person (parent, guardian, financially responsible party) will have the role or necessary permissions to complete FCI for a student at a time. At the time of application, that role is given to the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact role can be switched to a different person by contacting Liberty University Online Academy at (866) 418-8741 or emailing LUOAAdmissions@liberty.edu for new students, and LUOACurrentStudents@liberty.edu for returning students.


  1. Claim and use your own account

From October 6th, 2022 onward, you, the Primary Contact, will need to have claimed your account to complete FCI for your student(s). Previously, FCI was completed under the student’s account, but that has changed since the launch of the new LUOA Financial Check-in application.


Ready to Begin?

If you are ready to complete financial check-in for your student(s), please click the “Complete Financial Check-In” button below:


Complete Financial Check-In


If you want a bit more guidance on this process, check out our tutorial video to see a step-by-step walk-through or see the written walk-through below:


Financial Check-in Walk-Through:

Remember to review the “Before You Begin” section above before continuing.

Step 1: Select COMPLETE FINANCIAL CHECK-IN and login using your own Liberty University username and password.


Step 2: Once you login to Financial Check-in (FCI), all your associated students and their relevant Academy Years should populate on the FCI Homepage.

You should see up to three sections:

  1. To Do: Any to-do items that populate in this section need action and FCI completion. If you do not see this list, you have no action items.
  2. Unavailable: There are several reasons why an academy year may not be available, but the specific reason should be indicated on the to-do item. If all relevant academy years are available, then you will not see this section.
  3. Completed Check-ins: FCI has been completed for these years and there are no outstanding action items. If you do not see this section, you do not have any complete check-ins.

Step 3: To begin FCI, select the students to-do list item for the academy year and student you would like to complete. This should open FCI for the selected student and academy year.


Step 4: Once a to-do list item is selected, you will see three to four sections for the selected student’s academy year:

  1. Student Information: This section includes your student’s course list for the selected academy year, and the contact information we have on file for the student.
  2. Account Summary: This section displays the summary of account for the selected student’s academy year.
  3. Payment Information: This section will only display if you have a balance or a payment plan. In this section, you can enroll in a payment plan and add or edit a payment method.
  4. Agreements: In this section, you can review and agree to the Parent Agreement, Withdrawal Agreement, and the Financial Check-in Contract and complete check-in.


Step 5: To complete FCI, move through each section and select the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom. Finally, read and agree to the Parent Agreement, Withdrawal Agreement, and the Financial Check-in Contract.


Step 6: Once FCI is completed successfully, you will be directed back to the FCI Homepage where you can select the next to-do list item and continue through until FCI is complete for all your student’s academy years.


If you need help at any point in the FCI process, please select the “Help” link in the upper right corner of the screen to see the FCI video tutorial and contact information.


Please note: If you enrolled full time and received your registration summary email within the last hour, be sure to review your account summary for accuracy. Something missing? Just refresh the account summary page after 5-10 minutes to allow for all applicable tuition, fees, and any qualified discounts to publish. Failure to complete Financial Check-In 8 days after the course start date will put you in jeopardy of being removed from your courses.


Once you have finished all the steps, congratulations! You have now completed the Financial Check-In process. Please be sure to check your email frequently over the coming weeks to receive important information concerning the start date for your student.

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