Online Academy System Requirements

Technical Requirements

The basic technical requirements needed to successfully operate the instructional technology used by LUOA are outlined below. These specifications are the minimum requirements. LUOA’s online programs are entirely online, so computers or devices that are compatible with any modern web browser will suffice for the vast majority of the student needs.


Web Browsers

Most of the curriculum can run on the latest version of any modern browser. LUOA curriculum is compatible with the following browsers, though Chrome is the recommended browser.

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox



Use of a desktop or laptop is required for an optimal experience. Some course content is incompatible with Chromebooks. Liberty’s IT Helpdesk is unable to support tablets, mobile devices, or Chromebooks. 


To view recommended computers that meet LUOA specifications, complete the following steps: 

  1. Visit Liberty’s IT HelpDesk
  2. Click “Shop Dell Store”
  3. Under LUOA students, click “View Recommended Solutions.”

The following specifications are recommended for operating the curriculum:

PC OS: Windows 8.1 or newer

Mac OS: macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer

Screen: 1366×768 resolution or higher



  • AMD: Ryzen 3000 series or newer
  •  Intel: 8th generation (8000 series) or newer


  • AMD: Ryzen 2000 series or newer
  • Intel: 8th generation (8000 series) or newer

Memory: 8GB RAM or higher

Hard drive: 128 GB or higher

Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB

JavaScript: JavaScript must be enabled

Internet: High-speed capable of streaming video

5+ Mbps per concurrently used device is recommended


Media & Printing

Some courses require students to print materials, take pictures, or record video and audio for part of an assignment. This is found most prevalently in Elementary and foreign language courses.

Printer: Required for some courses

Camera & Mic: Required for some courses (can be from a phone or tablet)



Access to all of the software that is needed to operate the curriculum is provided to the student as part of being in our program!

The student needs only to have the latest version of a modern web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, available for free) to access the online curriculum. Students may also need to download Adobe Reader (free) to view PDF documents.

Note: LUOA makes Microsoft Office 365 available to all LUOA students free of charge!


Internet Filtering

Your student’s internet safety and accountability is very important to LUOA. There are several internet filtering software solutions on the market. All LUOA content has been curated by Subject Matter Experts to fit the educational needs of your student in a manner that is professional, academic, and distinctly Christian. Nevertheless, this software has sometimes been known to block educational content. Some filtering issues can be circumvented by “whitelisting” https://luoa.instructure.com (not including “www.”) as well as other sites linked to from within the curriculum. Note that educational videos from YouTube are used within the curriculum.

Basic Digital Literacy

The following is a list of computer skills needed for your student to be successful in an online setting. It is the student’s or parents’ responsibility to ensure that the student is proficient in the areas listed below.


How to Take a Screenshot

On a PC: Taking screenshots using the Snipping Tool

On a Mac: Taking screenshots on a Mac


How to Use Microsoft Office

Office 365 Tutorials

Basic use of Microsoft Word

Basic use of Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic use of Microsoft Excel


How to Submit an Assignment in Canvas

Files: Uploading a file as an assignment submission in Canvas

Media: Uploading a media recording as an assignment submission in Canvas

Images: Uploading an image file as an assignment submission in Canvas


How to Check Your Student’s Liberty Assigned Email

Checking your Liberty email


How to Use Canvas Messaging to Contact Teachers

Messaging your teacher through the Canvas Inbox


How to Print Worksheets

PDF: Printing a PDF

Word: Printing a Word document


How to Scan a Document

Because scanner instructions vary from one scanner to another, please consult your scanner manual.


Who to Call for Help

General & Enrollment Questions

Contact our Academic Advising team via email or call at 1 (866) 418-8741.


Questions about Grades or Curriculum Feedback

Contact your teacher through the Canvas messaging system.


General Issues Related to Your Computer

Contact Liberty’s IT HelpDesk at 1 (866) 447-2869.

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