Online High School

Online High School

Enroll in Online High School Classes Through an Accredited School

Liberty University Online Academy offers a wide range of accredited, 100% online high school courses. These programs can help students achieve academic success, earn an accredited online high school diploma, and prepare for the future. Students can study core subjects, including language arts, mathematics, history, and science, and choose from an ever-growing variety of electives, including literature and Spanish. LUOA regularly adds new electives to the curriculum selection. Check out our program benefits below!



Online High School Benefits

  • Academic, administrative, and technical support
  • 24/7 access to curriculum and grades
  • Customized learning plans to meet your student’s unique educational needs
  • NCAA-approved Enhanced Courses
  • Proven curriculum taught from a biblical perspective
  • Qualified teachers and responsive staff
  • Rolling start dates that allow students to enroll any time throughout the year
  • Structured yet flexible program


Available Courses

Physical Education and Health
Finance and Economics

Apologetics (10-month course)

Global Studies (5-month course)

Intercultural Communications (5-month course)

Living a Godly Life (10-month course)

Survey of the Bible (10-month course)

World Religions (10-month course)

Algebra I (10-month course)

Algebra II (10-month course)

Calculus (10-month course)

Computer Mathematics (10-month course)

Geometry (10-month course)

Pre-Calculus (10-month course)

Trigonometry (5-month course)


English 9 (10-month course)

English 10 (10-month course)

English 11 (10-month course)

English 12 (10-month course)


Health and PE I (10-month course)

Health and PE II (10-month course)

Economics (5-month course)

Personal Financial Literacy (5-month course)

U.S. History (10-month course)

Virginia History (5-month course)

World Geography (10-month course)

World History I: From Creation to the Renaissance (10-month course)

World History II: From the Renaissance to the Present (10-month course)

Government (5-month course)

Anatomy (10-month course)

Biology (10-month course)

Chemistry (10-month course)

Earth Science (10-month course)

Physics (10-month course)

Elective Courses

Fine Arts and Career Planning
Foreign Language

Academic and Career Success (5-month course)

Family and Consumer Science (10-month course)

High School Guitar (10-month course)

Music Appreciation (5-month course)

French I (10-month course)

French II (10-month course)

Latin I (10-month course)

Latin II (10-month course)

Spanish I (10-month course)

Spanish I: Part A (10-month course worth 0.5 credit to help spread out learning material)

Spanish I: Part B (10-month course worth 0.5 credit to help spread out learning material)

Spanish II (10-month course)

Spanish III (10-month course)

American Literature (5-month course)

America’s Colonial Foundations (5-month course)

British Literature (5-month course)

Christian Authors (5-month course)

Civil War and Reconstruction (5-month course)

College Planning and Preparation (5-month course)

Consumer Math (10-month course)

Creative Writing (5-month course)

History of the Constitution (5-month course)

Public Speaking (5-month course)

Computer Applications I (5-month course)

Computer Applications II (5-month course)

Creationeering and Engineering (10-month course)

Essentials of Business (5-month course)

Programming Logic: C++ (5-month course)

Programming Logic: Java (5-month course)

Programming Logic: Python (5-month course)

Web Design (5-month course)


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