How to Whitelist LUOA Emails

Whitelist Emails from LUOA

In order to prevent emails from LUOA from going to the junk folder, it is important to “whitelist” LUOA.

In Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN, and Outlook:


1. Log into your email account and click on the settings icon. From that menu, choose “View all Outlook settings”

2.  Click on “Junk email,” then under “Safe senders and domains,” click “Add.”


3. Type in luoa@liberty.edu in the text box, then hit the Enter key.

4. Scroll down and click “Save.”

5. The email address has now been whitelisted and will no longer go to the junk folder.

If you still need assistance, please call the IT HelpDesk at (434) 592-7800.

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