FAQs: How Liberty University Online Academy Works

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If you are considering enrolling your student in Liberty University Online Academy, you likely have many questions about how it all works. Maybe you are new to the world of online schooling, or perhaps you simply want to know more about LUOA. Either way, check out our FAQ section below to find answers to common questions about enrollment, technology, payment plans, and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Begin

How long does the enrollment process take?

When can my student start?

Can I enroll my student for just one course?

Do you offer payment plans?

How does the Academy work with a student who has a learning disability, such as ADD or ADHD?



Student and Parent Expectations

What is the parent’s role?

Do the parents set up the lesson plans and academic calendar?

What should I do if my student misses a scheduled day of work? Do we need to notify the Academy?

How does the student communicate with an Academy teacher?



Student Progress and Grading

What does a typical school day look like?

How much time does the student have to finish the school year?

How often should I check my student’s progress?

How quickly will my student’s work be graded?

Does LUOA periodically send report cards or progress reports?



Technology Requirements

Does my student have to be connected to the internet to do schoolwork?

What computer skills does my child need?

Does my student need advanced typing skills to be successful?

Is there any work that is not completed on the computer?

Is it better to have two computers if there are two academy students in the same family?

What can I do to improve my student’s penmanship if all the work is done on the computer?

Will my internet filter cause any problems?


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