FAQs: General

What is the purpose of the diagnostic/Entrance Assessment Exam?

Does my student have to take the diagnostic/Entrance Assessment Exam to enroll in the Academy?

Do you offer achievement testing?

How do LUOA students perform on achievement testing?

Do you know my particular state’s homeschooling requirements?

I have just pulled my student out of a public school, what do I do now?

What electives are available for first through eighth grades?

What does the Academy tuition cover?

Can I enroll at Liberty University Online Academy if I live in another country?

How does the Academy accommodate students who are a grade level behind in one or two of their subjects?

Can my student also take classes outside of the Academy for credit?
Do you offer an official transcript for outside courses that are approved for Academy credit?
Will your program prepare my student for college?
Will the credits be accepted if my student transfers to another school?
Can I get a refund if this doesn’t work?
How long does a student have to be enrolled at the Academy to receive a diploma?
What do I do if I have been homeschooling and don’t have any transcripts for my student?
What is LUOA’s Nondiscriminatory Policy?


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