Digital Literacy Requirements

Mobile Compatibility Statement

Officially, LUOA does not recommend the use of our curriculum on mobile devices, including tablets. While the user may perform several of the day-to-day tasks on mobile devices, some features may not function on a mobile platform. Mobile devices may successfully be used in other ways that will provide convenient advantages to the student. For example, a phone or tablet camera may be a great way to record media or take a photo to be uploaded for an assignment. In this case, it is the student’s responsibility to successfully transfer the media from the mobile device to the Canvas assignment.

Internet Filtering Statement

Your student’s internet safety and accountability are of utmost importance to LUOA. There are several internet filtering software solutions are available, such as NetNanny, Covenant Eyes, and X3 Watch. All LUOA content has been curated by Subject Matter Experts to fit the educational needs of your student in a manner that a professional, academic, and distinctly Christian. Nevertheless, these filtering software have been known to block some educational content. Many of these programs contain “whitelisting” and “blacklisting” features which force a website to be allowed or blocked, respectively. Some filtering issues can be circumvented by “whitelisting” (not including “www.”) and other sites linked to from the curriculum. It is also very important that internet filtering systems do not completely block YouTube, as YouTube videos are used throughout the curriculum.

Basic Digital Literacy

The following are a list of computer skills required for you and your student to be successful in an online setting. It is the student’s or parents’ responsibility to ensure that the student is proficient in the areas listed below.

How to Take a Screenshot

How to Check Your Student’s Liberty Assigned Email

How to Use Canvas Messaging to Contact Teachers

How to Print Off Worksheets

PDF – Select the Print icon on the top of the PDF viewer

Alternatively, right-click and select “Print…”

Word – Select File on the ribbon, and then Print from the left-hand sidebar

How to Scan a Document

Because scanner instructions vary from one scanner to another, please consult your scanner manual.

Who to Call for Help

General & Enrollment Questions: Contact your advisor via email or call at 1 (866) 418-8741 and ask to speak with your advisor.

Questions about Grades or Curriculum Feedback: Contact your teacher through the Canvas messaging system.

General Issues Related to Your Computer: Contact Liberty’s IT HelpDesk at 1 (866) 447-2869.

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