Celebrate Your Birthday at MVBA

April 21, 2023

Written by Gavin Schade, Montview Member Services Manager

The classic birthday party when you are little is a birthday party at the local bowling alley where you get to invite all your friends and drink lots of soda while eating some greasy pizza. Why does that only have to be for little kids, though? Why can’t a college student, a 30-year-old, or even a 50-year-old have a bowling alley birthday party? Well, I believe they can, and I think that the Montview Bowling Alley is one of the best bowling alleys to do this.
Birthday Party for All Ages
At the Montview Bowling Alley, we accept birthday parties for people of all ages. We have hosted parties for 5-year-olds, 14-year-olds, college students, and even 50-year-olds. We believe that age does not define whether you can be a kid or not and know that a birthday party at a bowling alley is some of the most fun you can have. The MVBA accepts reservations for lanes if requests are sent in two weeks in advance. Prices for these reservations vary depending on the number of lanes needed, how long the reservation will be, and whether it will be held on a weekday or weekend. To … Read More

Liberty’s Climbing Community

March 23, 2023

Written by Julie Rogers, Rock Wall Manager

The climbing community across the country has a reputation of being friendly and engaging to newcomers. The community at Liberty’s rock wall is no exception to that statement. At the LaHaye Rock Wall you will find a variety of students with different majors and interests all coming together to enjoy one hobby. The rock wall is a wonderful place to get involved and interact with a unique mixture of the Liberty student population. This spring semester we have many events and ways to be involved.
First Time at the Rock Wall?
When visiting a new place or trying out an activity for the first time ever, there are always fears of the unknown in not knowing what to expect. Hopefully this information will answer some questions for any newcomers. When arriving at the rock wall you will be greeted by our amazing staff members at our equipment checkout desk. They will direct you to swipe in your flames pass and ask you what kind of climbing you are looking to partake in. We have the options of bouldering (which does not require a harness) and route climbing on the tower (which requires the use of our auto … Read More

What do Horses Eat?

February 24, 2023

Written by Suzanne Flaig, Director Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center

The well-being of any animal is largely dependent on having appropriate nutrition and feeding strategies. Horses are no different and we feed a lot of them at the Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center! Here are some of the basics related to taking care of horses and the general categories of feed that they need.
The bulk of any horse’s diet should consist of quality forage. Forage is generally considered pasture grass or hay (dried grass). Horses are designed to graze throughout the day. Think of horses in the wild that roam to find enough food to sustain themselves.  Or, if you ever see a grassy field with horses in it, chances are you will see horses with their heads down eating. Forage takes some time for a horse to chew, so they intake small, consistent amounts over time. They can eat up to 15 pounds or more of forage a day. Forage provides calories, protein, vitamins and nutrients and if it is good quality, horses do not need much more!
For most horse owners, concentrates are usually called “grain”. Many horses require additional grains to meet their daily nutritional needs depending on factors such as:  age, … Read More

Shoot the Breeze

February 10, 2023

Written by James Williams, Range Safety Officer

Shotguns are multi-purpose pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. Hunting, self-defense, and competition are some of the main uses with this style of firearm. Within competition shotgun sports, machines are used to throw orange clay targets that are also called “birds”. The shooter says “Pull!” which signals they are ready for their bird to be thrown. Here at Liberty Mountain Gun Club, we have three main games we offer. These games include trap, skeet, and five stand.
The game of trap involves one machine located in front of five shooters. The shooters are oriented in a horizontal line, equally spaced out. The machine will be directly in front of the middle shooter. The machine rotates 22 degrees to the left or right randomly before every bird is thrown. The shooters go one at a time starting at the left and moving right. Once the last shooter has gone, the first shooter on the left goes again. This process is done five times. After those five shots, everyone moves one station to the right. The person on the far right rotates all the way around to the left. The game … Read More

Tales from the Lodge: Part 2

January 12, 2023

Written by Pearson Bonnett, Assistant Director of Lodge Operations

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre sees a large variety of patrons including Liberty University students, avid skiers or snowboarders, and the many families of the Lynchburg area. While most of our guests are focused on our various winter activities, it’s always a pleasure to see conversations arise from the multitude of animals in the Barrick-Falwell Lodge.
A Small Recap
As mentioned in the previous Tales from the Lodge blog, Dr. Barrick was a supporter of Liberty’s mission from the beginning and was a good friend of Dr. Falwell. Dr. Barrick has three children who went on to become LU Alumni, which speaks to the Barrick family’s support of LU. He served in the Air Force as a dentist for 7 years, before running his own private practice for 26 years. Dr. Barrick has spent time on both sides of the United States, being stationed in Maine for 2 years before transferring over to Alaska. Dr. Barrick has a passion for hunting, and he generously donated a large portion of his collection to be displayed in the Lodge.
In the previous Tales from the Lodge post, I had the pleasure of recounting the story of the Standing … Read More

Training Loft Conversion

December 2, 2022

Written by Nathaniel Hutton, Facilities Coordinator

The training loft at LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center has been a staple for high-intensity/CrossFit® style workouts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it went through some changes beginning in the Fall of 2022, transforming the space into an all-purpose training loft with new equipment for all styles of workouts.
Rig Movement
As you make your way into the training loft, you will see that the Rogue rig is gone. No, we did not get rid of such a great piece of equipment. You can find the rig on the lower level next to the LaHaye Rock Wall. The rig located in the lower level still provides the opportunity for members to achieve that high-intensity/CrossFit® style workout. Concept 2 cardio equipment is available for members to use alongside the rig, as well as four Olympic lifting platforms, so members can perform lifts and have access to a pull-up bar within seconds. This is critical for high-intensity style workouts.
What to Look Forward to
With the rig being out of the training loft, there are many new opportunities available for members to take advantage of. Since the rig was removed, wall-mounted pull-up bars have been installed for high-intensity workouts. Cable machines are now … Read More

Caring for Equestrian Tack and Equipment

October 14, 2022

Written by Suzanne Flaig, Director of the Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center

In the equestrian world, “tack” is the term we give to the equipment we use on the horse for handling and riding. We most commonly think of saddles and bridles as our primary tack, but other accessories also fall into this category, like bits, girths, halters, etc. This equipment is important for the safety and enjoyment of both horse and rider, so proper care will ensure your equipment serves its duty and lasts for a while. Tack can be expensive to replace so knowing its purpose and how to care for it, will save you money down the road!
Materials Used for Tack
For saddles and bridles, leather is a popular choice. While there are sometimes synthetic materials used, leather is traditional and most common. The quality of the material used is important because tack should be well fitted to the horse and strong enough to hold the equipment in place. You would not want to be riding a 1,000-pound animal and have your equipment break mid-ride!
Why is Leather Commonly Used?
First, leather (when properly maintained) is a supple product. It has some give to it which is generally more comfortable for the horse carrying the … Read More

Something Worth Investing In

September 2, 2022

Written by Hudson Rice, Lodge Operations Staff

For the last three years, I have worked at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre as a rental technician, and it has been among the most enriching and beneficial experiences of my life.
Professional Impact
At the most fundamental level, being a rental technician has allowed me to work with the instruments of a sport and culture I truly love. Skiing and snowboarding have been among the most important and beneficial parts of my life over the last few years, and the opportunity to familiarize myself with the literal nuts and bolts of the industry is something I am grateful for. I love teaching customers about the gear and how to use it, talking to more experienced customers about the sport, and seeing customers use my advice to improve as a rider.
The opportunity to develop a level of functional expertise with ski and snowboard equipment is especially valuable because it has applications beyond Snowflex. When riding at other mountains, I can diagnose and solve problems with my gear, which has proven quite valuable. I can talk with other riders and rental technicians with confidence, which leads to more enriching conversations and relationships.
Relational Impact
Snowflex has provided an opportunity to develop … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Intramural Sports

August 19, 2022

Written by Sammy Flecker, previous Intramural Sports Coordinator

Get your sneakers, cleats, and bats ready because Liberty Intramurals Sports is back! As we welcome you into the new school year, we also want to welcome newcomers. The Intramurals department offers a wide selection of sports that any Liberty student, faculty, or staff member can participate in — including team and individual sports as well as tournaments. To register for an Intramural Sport, you’ll use IMLeagues. Let’s give you a quick run-down of the site!
IMLeagues 101
While our Liberty.edu site houses general information about Intramural Sports, IMLeagues.com is where you will go to have full access to all our sports. You will be able to register as a captain, join a team, become a free agent to potentially be picked up, and schedule your own games if you are registered for an individual sport.
In order to access it, you will first have to create an account and select Liberty University as your “school/organization”. Please make sure that the information inputted is correct, including the proper spelling of your name and email. Your Liberty email is going to be a direct point of contact for updates on registration, game cancellations (weather), forfeits, etc.
Paying and Registering … Read More

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

August 5, 2022

Written by Julie Rogers, Rock Wall Manager

Like most incoming freshmen, finding community was on the top of my priority list when I first came to Liberty. We all want to find a group of people to belong to, a group of people to share life with and build long lasting memories with. While my freshman year hall did provide me with a great group of people, I learned quickly that college is a unique place to grow and meet many diverse groups and types of people. A last-minute evening decision to head to LaHaye and check out the rock wall with some girls from my hall quickly turned into a major part of my college experience. The climbing community was something I didn’t know I needed or even wanted, but quickly became one of the biggest blessings to me during my time at Liberty.
My Experience
The very first thing that I took notice of during my first visit to the LaHaye Rock Wall was the atmosphere of the people. From the welcoming staff to the other climbers, people just seemed to be genuinely having a great time in each other’s company. I tried out bouldering for the first time and immediately developed … Read More