Shoot the Breeze

February 10, 2023

Written by James Williams, Range Safety Officer

Shotguns are multi-purpose pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. Hunting, self-defense, and competition are some of the main uses with this style of firearm. Within competition shotgun sports, machines are used to throw orange clay targets that are also called “birds”. The shooter says “Pull!” which signals they are ready for their bird to be thrown. Here at Liberty Mountain Gun Club, we have three main games we offer. These games include trap, skeet, and five stand.
The game of trap involves one machine located in front of five shooters. The shooters are oriented in a horizontal line, equally spaced out. The machine will be directly in front of the middle shooter. The machine rotates 22 degrees to the left or right randomly before every bird is thrown. The shooters go one at a time starting at the left and moving right. Once the last shooter has gone, the first shooter on the left goes again. This process is done five times. After those five shots, everyone moves one station to the right. The person on the far right rotates all the way around to the left. The game … Read More

Deciphering the Letters and Numbers on Ammo Boxes

June 10, 2022

Written by Josh Bryant, Assistant Director of Programs & Equipment

So, you’re looking for some ammo. Walking into a gun store and seeing shelves with all manner of number and letter combinations can be quite intimidating. We’re going to try to take some of the guess work out of it so you can make a decision with confidence.
Generally, the number/word combination with the biggest font will be the caliber. That’s the most important bit of information for which you’re looking. The number denotes the caliber. If you’re not sure which you need, this information should be marked on the barrel and/or slide of the gun. The number is important, but the word after it can be as well. For instance, there is significant difference between .357 Mag and .357 Sig. Most of the time, there is just the one number for caliber. However, sometimes there is another number, such as 7.62×39, 5.56×45, or 9×19. The first number is still the caliber, but the second number denotes the length of the cartridge.
Oftentimes, you’ll see a two- or three-digit number followed by the letters ‘gr.’ This stands for ‘grain’ and denotes the weight of the projectile. Caliber plays into this equation significantly.
Sometimes, you’ll find … Read More

Concealed Carry Holster Features to Consider

March 3, 2022

Written by John Nelson, Former Range Safety Officer
Many individuals today find themselves going through the process to acquire the necessary permits and equipment to carry a concealed firearm throughout their day-to-day lives. A common tendency is to focus heavily on which firearm is “best” for these purposes, and another critical piece of equipment, the holster, often goes overlooked. Far from being a trivial afterthought, the holster is a piece of gear essential for successful concealment and comfortable carriage of a firearm. This article will cover a number of factors to consider when shopping in the market to aid in finding the best solution to your individual needs!
Holster Material
Holster material is an excellent first criteria to examine. Common options on the market today include Kydex plastic, leather, flexible nylon, and “hybrid” options of the previous materials. There are many good options in existence today, but any holster selected should: be made for your specific firearm (not for all firearms of a certain size), “seal” the trigger guard on all sides so no foreign objects can inadvertently reach and pull the trigger while the firearm is holstered, and offer some degree of positive retention to a holstered gun.
Means of Attachment
The means of attachment … Read More

“I Can’t!” (But Really, “I Can!”)

September 30, 2021

Written by Ben Sattler, Assistant Director of Operations

If I had a dollar for every person that came up to the range to watch a friend and tell me ‘I can’t shoot’ I’d… well, I’d have a lot of dollars. There are a lot of unfounded beliefs about people’s ability to use firearms, and it’s very natural! Firearms are not something that many people are raised around, and they have some serious negative image problems. They can be loud and if mishandled, much like a car or snowboard, they can be dangerous. But much like cars or a snowboard they can also be really fun. The difference between ‘unsafe’ and ‘really fun’ is all in the user, and that’s where we can come in.
Learning to Shoot Safe
The staff at Liberty Mountain Gun Club are all experienced firearms instructors who are used to working with people who have never shot before.  We will offer instruction where we work with you in a safe environment until you are comfortable with the whole thing. We like working with new people and offer patience, encouragement, and gentle reminders as needed.
You Have Options!
LMGC offers a number of different options to try out. If you’re totally new to … Read More