A Beginner’s Guide to Intramural Sports

August 19, 2022

Written by Sammy Flecker, previous Intramural Sports Coordinator

Get your sneakers, cleats, and bats ready because Liberty Intramurals Sports is back! As we welcome you into the new school year, we also want to welcome newcomers. The Intramurals department offers a wide selection of sports that any Liberty student, faculty, or staff member can participate in — including team and individual sports as well as tournaments. To register for an Intramural Sport, you’ll use IMLeagues. Let’s give you a quick run-down of the site!

IMLeagues 101

While our Liberty.edu site houses general information about Intramural Sports, IMLeagues.com is where you will go to have full access to all our sports. You will be able to register as a captain, join a team, become a free agent to potentially be picked up, and schedule your own games if you are registered for an individual sport.

In order to access it, you will first have to create an account and select Liberty University as your “school/organization”. Please make sure that the information inputted is correct, including the proper spelling of your name and email. Your Liberty email is going to be a direct point of contact for updates on registration, game cancellations (weather), forfeits, etc.

Paying and Registering for the Waitlist

The most important feature of registering your team for intramural sports is paying the registration fee. Most leagues have a cap on how many teams we can have in each league and your registration fee holds your spot in the league. As the cap is reached, a waiting list will be established. It is essential that you still pay your registration fee on the waitlist. Why? When the deadline date is reached, teams who have not paid the fee are dropped from the league and replaced by teams on the waitlist who have paid their fee and have a full roster. Don’t worry, if you pay your fee on the waitlist and don’t make it into the league, we will provide you with a refund. 

Cancelation Requests

Let’s say you can’t make your game due to an incomplete roster, emergency, or a prior commitment. As a captain or co-captain, you can submit a default request. This is important for a few different reasons.

First, a default will give you an automatic score of 3 for your sportsmanship rating for the game. A forfeit comes with an automatic score of 2. This makes it very difficult to maintain your 3.5 average to qualify for the playoffs at the end of the semester.

The second reason to request a default before the 3 pm deadline is to avoid paying the $10 reinstatement fee. This fee pays a portion of the cost of staff scheduled to work the game that day.

The third and final reason to default…its respect and responsibility.  This allows our department to do a couple of things.  It provides us the time to contact the team you are supposed to play and let them know not to waste a trip to the venue, just to find out their game won’t be played.  It also grants us the chance to make adjustments to the work schedule.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and kicking off the new school year on a great competitive start. Registration for the Fall 2022 Semester opens on August 21! Be sure to get your teams in — spots will be filling up fast. To learn more about Intramural Sports, visit Liberty.edu/Intramurals.